The 1st malayalee person to appear in the postal stamp?

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Sri Narayana Guru
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What are postal stamps?

Postal stamps are those stamps created to indicate payment for mailing services such as delivery of letters and packages. They are issued by the appropriate agency authroized

How do you get on a postal stamp?

It is pretty difficult in the US. The first requirement is that you have to be dead! There are some places where you can print your own photo on a postage meter and use that

How much was a postal stamp in 1939?

The cost of a First Class US postage stamp in 1939 was 3 cents. It was raised from 2 cents in November of 1917. It stayed at that price until August 1958. .

Where can you buy Brazilian postal stamps?

Stamps from all countries can be purchased from dealers. They can also be purchased from the government that issues them. Most postal entities have web sites and have specia

In 1947 were postal stamps rationed?

Postage stamps were never rationed. They could be purchased at the post office in any quantities desired. Goods and war related materials were rationed, things such as sugar

Are there valuable postal stamps from Czechoslovakia?

There are valuable stamps from all over the world, it depends on how rare it is, it may depend on if it has a mistake on it, it depends if its used or never been used, it depe

How do you seal old postal stamps?

It's unclear what you mean by seal. If you want to keep old postage stamps, you should buy a proper book to store them in, use hinges (some like them, some don't) or sleeve
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Who is the person appeared on stamps more times?

Queen Elizabeth is easily the winner here. Her profile or picture has appeared on every Great Britain stamp, and hundreds of British Commonwealth stamps over the last 60 years
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How can you make personalized stamps from the postal office?

The US Post Office has a website where you can create and your own personalized stamps. At their website there is a service called Zazzle custom stamps, where you can customiz
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What person has appeared most on postage stamps?

I don't know if anyone has actually counted, but it is most probably Great Britain's Queen Elizabeth II. She has ruled England for over 50 years and in that time has appear