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The New York Times charges you $263 for the first four lines and then $52 per line after that, with about 28 characters per line. So for example, the copy below cost my family about $850 and was the MAJORLY scaled-down version. I will NEVER buy their paper again and hope they crumble under their own greed and corruptness.

Locke, Norman H., 81, on February 10th, 2011. For over 45 years Norman was an icon in the employment industry, launching Norman Locke Personnel, Inc. He was beloved by many and will be missed dearly by his wife Barbara; his children Donna, Joey, Melissa, Sean, and David; his daughter-in-law Olga; his grandchildren Nicole, Frankie, Jake, and Alexandra; and a legion of family and friends.

The Wall Street Journal has just started running obituaries and they are only $29 per line, and with much better customer service.
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