Obituaries and Death Notices

An obituary is a printed article reporting the death of a person. An obituary features the highlights of a deceased's life. Funeral information is also included.

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Obituaries and Death Notices

Why do you call it obituary?

obituary 1706, "register of deaths," from M.L. obituarius "a record of the death of a person," lit. "pertaining to death," from L. obitus "departure, a going to meet, encounter" (a euphemism for "death"), from stem of obire "go to meet" (as in mortem obire "meet death"), from ob "to, toward" + ire "to go" (see ion). Meaning "record or announcement of a death, esp. in a newspaper, and including a brief biographical sketch" is from 1738. A similar euphemism is in O.E. cognate forðfaran "to die," lit. "to go forth." From

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Obituaries and Death Notices

Can I see Jimmy Hoffa's obituary?

Check the link.

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Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
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Obituaries and Death Notices

Is Jackie Onassis's Mother alive?

No, Janet Norton Lee Bouvier Auchincloss Morris died on July 22nd, 1989 at the age of 81.

Indira Gandhi
Obituaries and Death Notices

Where can you find a obituary of Indira Gandhi?

See Related Links, below, for an obituary of Indira Gandhi.

Obituaries and Death Notices

What is an obituary?

A published notification of a person's death and a summary of their life, usually including family members and life achievements. Normally they're found in local newspapers.

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Obituaries and Death Notices

When did Pete Fountain die?

He's still alive and playing.

Agatha Christie
Obituaries and Death Notices

Why was Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot given an obituary?

Probably because he was such a famous character at the time when his death featured in one of Agatha Christie's novels. Poirot appeared in 33 novels and 51 short stories many of which have been made into movies and television series.

Obituaries and Death Notices

Is the executor required to publish death in newspaper to notify any creditors?

Yes. The probate court will inform you of the requirements in your state when the will is filed for probate.

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Obituaries and Death Notices

How should ex-wife be mentioned in an obituary?

  • It is not always necessary to put the ex wife in an obituary, but if the family feels this is the right thing to do then it could be written as 'survived by his first wife Jane Doe (if any children add:) son John Doe and daughter Mary (put married name if you know it or if she is single then use 'Doe.')
Obituaries and Death Notices

Did Michael Amante's wife die recently?

Unfortunately, she succumbed to brain cancer recently. My mother teaches in the elementary school that his children go to, and she is my source!

Germany in WW2
Anne Frank
Obituaries and Death Notices

What would Anne Frank's obituary say?


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Obituaries and Death Notices

Differents parts of newspaper?

7. Sports: In a sports section, you may find out about last night's baseball, basketball, and football game. That's the second thing besides asking your buddies down at the pizza parlor. It may also tell you about a player on a team that might have gotten injured and cannot play. In a sports section, you can find out things about basketball, professional basketball, golf, soccer, tennis, professional football, and different sports that maybe you'd want to look for. 17. Education: The thing that a student favors the most: the education section. In the education section you might be able to find out the overall average for students in a particular school, and maybe even a couple of awards that a student won for the school that they attend, or doing something that would help their school do better. 15. Health: The health section in a newspaper would usually contain the things that are happning to a modern day person's health. For example: they might have come out with a new medicine that could clear the human race totally of allergies. In a health section, there might be news containing things about fitness and nutrition, new health care policies, and mental health and behavior. 14. Feature In a newspaper, a detailed report on a person, an issue, or an event. 6. Editorial An article in which the people who run a newspaper give their opinion on an important issue. 4. Obituaries: In an obituary, you can find out about people who passed on recently, and people think that their death should be mentioned to the community. When you would go to this section in a newspaper, you can most likely find a picture about someone and a short biography. 16. Science: The science section in a newspaper contains things that are happening in our medical world today. For example: a science section in a newspaper might contain what's happening in outer space, and it might contain things that are happening in and around our environment. Technology: The technology section contains things that are going in and out of style in the technology world, things that are coming out, and things that have been out, but they're coming back in style. 13. Headline - this is the main statement, usually in the largest and boldest font, describing the main story. A banner headline spans the full width of the page. 6. Editorial Page : Expresses the opinions of its editors or publishers on community topics 8. Opinion Page: Expresses the opinions of readers of the newspaper on community topics 10. Classified Section:Advertises jobs, rentals, and merchandise that are available 12. Lifestyle Page: Includes horoscopes, cartoons, Dear Abby, and short stories 5. Front Page: Tells of an important event to catch the readers' interest and make them want to read the rest of the paper

Obituaries and Death Notices

What does it mean when it says memorials preferred in an obituary but no organization is named?

Often the term "memorials preferred" is followed by the name of a charity or foundation. That is where the family prefers any gifts of money to be sent. When none is mentioned, the giver can choose where to send the gift. When it goes to the family, it's commonly used for funeral expenses or trusts for any surviving children.

Obituaries and Death Notices

How did joey vann of the duprees die?

He died of a heart attack, he was 41.

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Obituaries and Death Notices

When someone dies do you have to put an obituary in the newspaper?

No, but it is considered courteous and proper.

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Where can you find an obituary for Suzanne guntrum of Indiana?

At the Web site:

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Can you see the obituary of Hugh Downs?

Obituaries are only released after someone dies. As of 11 August 2007, Hugh Downs is still alive.

Obituaries and Death Notices

How do you search online for a old obituary?

Sometimes if your lucky you'll find one online,but the best way to find it is to go to the library in the town the person died and look on microfilm or ask the librarian to look for you. You need to know the month and year.

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How many people drown in Spain every year?

29 million

Obituaries and Death Notices

How old was Josalyn Lawrence when she died?

Josalyn Ann Lawrence, from the Egelston Township in Muskegon County, Michigan was 8-years-old when she died. She was involved in a motor vehicle accident whilst a passenger in her Mothers car in September 2009.

See Related Link below.

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How do you write an obituary?

I've seen obituaries in the newspapers. As I noticed, it includes the anouncement of death, of somebody's death, often with a short biography. It is also includes the mass offering schedule, interment schedule and sometimes a little thank you note or a message from the bereaved family for those who condoled.

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Obituaries and Death Notices

Why is it called obituary?

It comes from the Latin word, obituarius. It meant a record of death.

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Obituaries and Death Notices

How do you submit an Obituary to the San Antonio Express News?

To submit an obituary, contact Express-News by phone at (210) 250-2370, or by email:

Edith G. Schenck Brockway passed int the arms of our Lord 01.14.2012. She Retired from teaching ISL and 9th grade English at East Central High School. She was a Soloist with the St. Matthews United Methodist Church Choir. Edith Is survived by husband Michael, daughter Heather adn son Matthew. Grandchildren include include Karissa , Micah, Caleb, Jamal Jr., Isaac, Jocelyn, and Ethan. Siblings: JW (Buck) Gregory, Lillian Mills. Memorial at St. Matthews 01.20.2012.

New York
The New York Times
Obituaries and Death Notices

The New York Times Cost of obituary?

The New York Times charges you $263 for the first four lines and then $52 per line after that, with about 28 characters per line. So for example, the copy below cost my family about $850 and was the MAJORLY scaled-down version. I will NEVER buy their paper again and hope they crumble under their own greed and corruptness.

Locke, Norman H., 81, on February 10th, 2011. For over 45 years Norman was an icon in the employment industry, launching Norman Locke Personnel, Inc. He was beloved by many and will be missed dearly by his wife Barbara; his children Donna, Joey, Melissa, Sean, and David; his daughter-in-law Olga; his grandchildren Nicole, Frankie, Jake, and Alexandra; and a legion of family and friends.

The Wall Street Journal has just started running obituaries and they are only $29 per line, and with much better customer service.

Obituaries and Death Notices

Is Jane Pittman a real person?

absolutely, you can read her bio graphy in any library


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