The importance of hugas-bigas for the growth of plants?

the importance of the hugas-bigas in the growth of plants are it helps to grow more or less,2x than the natural process `cause the hugas-bigas contain starch,some vitamins and minerals from the soil and some properties of the fertilizer being applied.
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Why hugas bigas could be a fertilizer?

Hugas-Bigas could be a fertilizer because it has nutritive content that can help plants grow.
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Importance of water for plant growth?

Water is equally important for plants. It performs the following important functions in plants:1. Water is essential for the germination of seeds and growth of plants.2. Durin (MORE)
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Is soil texture important for plant growth?

the soil actually contains nutrients that are needed for plant grwoth, it also acts as a link between the nutrient,mineral cycle and the atmosphere. it also provides a foundat (MORE)

How worms affect plant growth?

worms play an important role in soil ecology. By being continually loosened, stirred up, and aerated by the action of earthworms, soil is made more fertile. Thus, plants grow (MORE)

Does moss affect plant growth?

  The moss itself does not effect plant growth directly. But, moss grows in soil with low pH, and the moss will hold water in the soil which is USUALLY good. Moss grows in (MORE)
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Importance of hugas-bigas?

Hugas-bigas is a white liquid that comes from washing the rice. It  is an important fertilizer which helps in plant growth.
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