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The law of Karma is something I strongly believe in and live by! What it means is: All you give out, comes back. If you do or say cruel, unfair, or selfish things....all that negativity eventually comes back to you. Life is a great circle....karma is balance. All actions (even the smallest of acts) have a reaction, and we as humans need to learn to take a moment before we act to "think" about how our actions will effect others and our lives as a whole..... Ask yourself, "Is it worth it"?
In Wiccan/Pagan law, the rule of Karma comes back to us not just once but 3 times! Bottom line: If you want to be a happy, positive person and live a peaceful, fulfilling life.....DO ONLY GOOD!
PS)Mistakes dont count! If you hurt someone accidentally the rule of Karma doesnt apply.
To add to what was said above, our thoughts are also considered as deeds. Therefore, mistakes do not count because of the absence of "intent" or "will" coming from the source. So if you hurt someone accidentally or without any knowledge about it, the Law of Karma will not apply.
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What is karma?

Simply put, karma is where if you do something good for some person or creature and something good will happen to you in return. If you do something bad to someone or some cre

What is the law of the Karma?

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What is the law of the karma of the Hindu faith?

The belief that your soul will decide your fate. ID1203891505 The law of karma is similar to the Biblical idea that "as you sow, so shall you reap." In physics, the an

What is the law of karma?

transmission of the seoul. ANS#2: The law of karma is similar to the Biblical idea that "as you sow, so shall you reap." In physics, the analogous law is "for every action

What is the law of karma of the Hindu faith?

The belief that one's thoughts, actions, and words will decide one's fate in the next life through reincarnation. Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect as applied to the li

When does karma end?

When you have cleared all yourkarmic debts and attained salvation.

How do you get karma?

Karma can be received in a positive way by doing things with compassion, while it can also be received in a negative way by doing things with base emotions (negative emotions

What is the parallelism between the principle of momentum and the Buddhist law of karma and karmic justice?

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Why would the law of karma affect how a Hindu behaves?

The law of karma means whatever acts a person will do in his lifetime, this will result into impressions on his subconscious region that is called samskar. This becomes the ma

What does karma refer to?

Karma is an ancient Hindu religious/philosophical concept that refers to the actions and reactions of deeds, whether it be a good deed or a bad one. "What goes around comes ar

How do you get 1000 karma?

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How do you get bad Karma or good Karma?

Bad Karma is when you do a fowl deed or something that is not good. Example: Cheating, stealing, hurting someone, etc. Good karma is when you do something good, either for y

Is the law of karma unfair?

It is very fair. The rules are same for hindus as well as non-hindus. The punishment is not for all times (the rewards also are time bound, proportional to the amount of good
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What are karma?

negative or positive stuff that happen to you