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The most basic element of art is emotion. Answer I don't know if you can really name one element most basic, but it might be line.
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What is the basic elements of relationship?

1. Communication- Always talk to get to know each other in order to build upon the relationship. If you two are together and you never talk trust me when I say you won't be to

What are the elements of art?

Space, Color, Shape, Texture, Form, Direction, Size, Value and Line

What are the four basic elements of most communicating systems?

1- Sender (encodes a:) 2- Message (that is sent through a:) 3- Channel (to a:) 4- Receiver This is called a "linear model" of communication. It is the smallest and sim

What are the basic elements of fine arts?

Shape: A shape always has two dimensions, length as well as width. This is represented as an enclosed area that is defined by color, value, space, texture and form. When line

What are the basic elements of a word-processor?

  Basic elements of a word processor   1. The Ability to edit text 2. Ability to change fonts 3. Ability to print docs 4. Copy + paste

Outline basic elements of communication?

- Sender : the person who send the massage - Message : the massage that send from the sender - Channel : the transmission line connect between sender and receiver - Rec

What are art elements?

art elements are like art skills so like things that are used in unity skills e.g balance,movement,emphasis,visual,econmy contrast,poportion and space. Here is another example