The name and model of a Dishwasher the has a trim kit to install a one quarter inch thick wood panel front. Hot point is our old one now has a wood panel on it now?

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The model number is supposed to be on a sticker on the inside somewhere. LOOK FER IT!
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Can you restain wood panelling?

If the paneling is real wood, it can be restained easily. You wouldneed to lightly sand it, and then stain it just as you would anyother wooden surface. If the paneling is lam

Can one install solar panels into electronic devices example having a built in solar panel on the front cover of a laptop. without it damaging the hardware?

Very thin solar panels are available these days, some are even flexible and suitable for adhesive application so installing the panel is not a great problem.. However you sti

How do you whitewash or pickle wood paneling?

Pickling Wood . Today, pickling is usually done on open pored woods like oak, and ash. The result is very effective because most of the pigment (color) remains in the large
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What is standard height for wood panelling?

there is no standard height for wood paneling-- wood Luan / walnut/ 8 x 4 sheets of paneling is usually mounted about 3/8 - 5/8 above the floor to make way for the flooring ma
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How old Rachel hurd wood is now?

Rachel was born on the 17th of August 1990. Now she is 20 and will be turning 21 this year (2011).