To what category are low-fat cuts of meats assigned?

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Ground beef
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Who cuts meat?

Chefs and diners at the end, but the original person cutting animals into steaks and roasts is called a butcher.

What cut of meat has the lowest fat content?

Quoting from the Mayo Clinic website (which I trust), lowest-fat cuts are: . Eye of round roast or steak . Sirloin tip side steak . Top round roast and steak . Bottom rou

Are beans in the meat category?

What that is so ridiculas beans go in the grains. the answer is 'no', but beans belong to the legume category, and you will find meat and legumes in the protein category of t

How do you cut your meat?

In order to cut your wonderful rat meat, you must sharpen your head with a knife. If you cut the rat meat with your head, the rat meat will explode and you will die so don't e

How do you assign categories to a page in WordPress?

On the left side of the screen there are multiple options that you can choose from: Site Admin, Posts, Media Links, Etc... If you hover over Posts you will see arrow appear
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Why cut most of fats from meat?

There is no real reason to do so. Unless you dislike it's taste or you're eating a low fat diet.