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chest pain
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What does superior mean in medical terminology?

In medical terminology superior means above, referring to a part of the body that is situated above another or directed upwards. More specifically it means towards the head. s

What is the importance of medical terminology in the medical field?

Understanding words and there meanings often can help you understand locations of vital organs and the functions of the body. If you don't know the medical terminology, you wi

What is the Medical terminology for paralysis of the diaphragm?

phrenoplegia literally means "diaphragm paralysis condition". phreno-, -phren- can mean "diaphragm, heart, and mind". The most common term we use it in is schizophrenia, lit.

What is the medical terminology for the words with without before and after?

with- a "c" with a line over it   without- an "s" with a line over it   after- a "p" with a line over it   before- an "a" with a line over it

What are the disadvantages of using medical terminology?

Using medical terminology can cause a patient to be slightly confused by what the medical professional is saying. This can be easily avoided by explaining the issue in lay ter

What does proximal mean in medical terminology?

It means "near". The opposite is distal. SO for example, on your fingers, which have 3 bones (except the thumb), the end bone is called the distal phalanx and the one nearest

What is a positional term in medical terminology?

A positional term in medical terminology is one that describes where something is, typically in relation to another body part. A few positional terms are anterior, ventral, su

How do medical professionals use medical terminology?

As with all technology, there must be a clear and precise way for  nurses and doctors to communicate. It is a universal term of  reference and highly useful for pinpointing