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Two alleles for a certain trait are passed to an individual. what terms refers to the trait that will show up in the individual?

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What is the term for the specific alleles of an individual for a particular trait?

alleles. Specificity in the name of each allele can only be given if the trait is designated. For example, in horses, the allele E is the dominant allele at the extension si

What term describes an individual that has two dominant alleles for a trait?

Homozygous is the term used to describe an individual that has two of the same alleles. This term can be used for either dominant or recessive (both BB and bb are homozygous).
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The expression of both alleles for a trait in a heterozygous individual illustrates?

The complete expression of both alleles (i.e. for example, a black and white cow), is known as co-dominance, when each allele is equally dominant over the other. However, both

A single individual carries how many alleles for a trait?

It depends on the trait. Some traits are controlled by several alleles. Some traits are simply one of many controlled by a single allele. It also depends and how you correlate