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Ultra sound showed shadow on babys heart and brain?

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This makes no sense and this question should have been asked to the ultrasound tech when you were there.
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Does an ultra sound at 17 weeks pregnancy show birth defects and is the heart fully developed then?

Answer . An ultrasound at this point will show many but not all of the possible defects of the skeletal and major organ systems. The heart has been formed as a four-chamber

At which month can a ultra sound show twins?

The best and most reliable way to confirm a twin or multiple pregnancy is to see it with an ultrasound. An ultrasound is the only guaranteed way to know whether you're carring

4 weeks pregnant but no baby in a ultra sounds?

4 weeks! the fetus is probally no bigger than yourfist without any formation of arms --legs or other parts. you probally don't even show yet. $weeks! most women have not even

Year when ultra sound was used to determine babys sex?

I had my youngest child in early 1986. The doctor had an ultrasound machine, which wasnt like they are today, and told me he believed the baby was a boy. But that was only a 7

Does an ultra sound affects the baby?

There are no massive indications as in ultrasound used in hospitals and clinics causing problems for baby . There are concerns attached to the use of ultrasound but the risk

Is it a 100 percent at 7 week the ultra sound does not pick up a heart beat that he baby is dead?

No! I just went through this myself. I had no heart beat on 2 ultrasounds at nearly 8 weeks but my Doctor said that we should repeat the sono in 3 weeks just to be absolutely

How can ultra sound harm the unborn baby?

New research has raised doubts over the safety of ultrasound scans used to view fetuses in the womb. Researchers showed that ultrasound tissue heating can cause bleeding in th