Vale do rio doce-Tete Mozambique?

Vale do rio doce-Tete Mozambique?
Yes vale do rio doce -tete mozambique
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What is the climate in Mozambique?

  Republic of Mozambique is a country located on the Southeastern of Africa. They have wet and dry season. Rainy season starts from October to March while dry or hot seaso (MORE)

What are facts about mozambique?

The colours of Mozambique's national flag are: green (the country's wealth), red (the struggle for freedom), black (the continent of Africa), white (peace) and yellow (the cou (MORE)

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Words that start with the prefix vale?

5-letter words vales, valet 6-letter wordsvalets 7-letter wordsvalence, valency, valeric, valeted 8-letter wordsvalences, valencia, valerate, valerian, valeting 9-letter words (MORE)

What does Vale mean in Latin?

Vale means "be strong; be well". (It is the singular imperative of the verb valere; if you're speaking to more than one person, the proper form is valete). The English equival (MORE)