Vale do rio doce-Tete Mozambique?

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Vale do rio doce-Tete Mozambique?
Yes vale do rio doce -tete mozambique
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What are facts about mozambique?

The colours of Mozambique's national flag are: green (the country's wealth), red (the struggle for freedom), black (the continent of Africa), white (peace) and yellow (the cou (MORE)

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What is the climate in Mozambique?

  Republic of Mozambique is a country located on the Southeastern of Africa. They have wet and dry season. Rainy season starts from October to March while dry or hot seaso (MORE)
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With a growing economy and an increasingly large number of tourists, Mozambique is one of the most interesting countries to visit in southeast Africa. Its large size offers yo (MORE)

Awesome Africa: Astounding Facts About Mozambique

Mozambique is the electric and fascinating African country bordering South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and the Indian Ocean. First discovered in the 15th century, Mozambique ha (MORE)

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There's plenty, it's a great location for whatever you want.   Shopping, the Algarve Mall with loads of shops including many upmarket is at Guia, 5 minutes by car. Also at (MORE)