Walking with the ball is called what?

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walking with the ball is called:travelling

Is a balk when nobody is on supposed to be called a ball and if it is can someone get walked without ever throwing a pitch?

A balk cannot be called if no one is on base. The essence of a balk is the pitcher is tiring to achieve an unfair advantage over the base runner. No runner, no advantage. If a

If a pitched ball hits the ground first then strikes a player is the call a ball or a walk?

it is a hit by pitch (or a walk). Clarification: The answer above makes it seem a HBP and a Walk are the same -- they are not.. they are scored different and effect stats

Softball babe Ruth can a player be walked without the pitcher throwing the ball and no foul was called?

This happened in the Caribbean baseball league a number of years ago. One of the managers took exception with a call that the home plate umpire made and refused to allow his p

Why do your balls hurt when you walk?

They might be slightly bruised, or may have a disorder like a varicosele, or there could be cancer in them. Best to see a doctor if the pain lasts more than a day or two.
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What ball sport has 'walk' in the terminology?

Baseball. A "walk" occurs when, in the umpire's judgement, the pitcher misses the "strike zone" with four throws to a single batter. The batter is then awarded first base.