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Was Hitler an autocratic leader?

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Yes, he was also a dictator.
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Was Hitler a leader?

Yes, he was a ruthless leader- much like Stalin of the Soviet Union who may have been responsible for upwards of 40 million deaths of the Soviet Union's rural poor. Hitler did

What is an autocratic leader?

  An autocratic leader is a manager with complete control over employees and uses strong voice and verbal uses to maintain people's attention to take charge and take respo

Is Barack Obama an autocratic leader?

No, in an autocracy a single person has unlimited powers, and no president of the United States has such powers. The president is head of the executive branch and the federal

Why is jack an autocratic leader?

Because he is good in making quick decisions, likes giving orders, does not expect to be questioned, and most importantly he is bossy. That's an autocratic leader.

How was Hitler as a leader?

Answer   Hitler was cruel, especialy to jews, which he put in death camps.   Answer   According to Ian Kershaw's biography Hitler was a lazy leader with a disorga

Who is a famous autocratic leader?

Martha Stewart   Martha Stewart built her empire with personal attention to each and every detail. Whether you like her or not, she was meticulous and demanding. She was al

Example of autocratic leaders?

Colonel gaddafi was a autocratic leader of labia before the civil war they are having now because people don't want him as a leader no more as they want their freedom Autocr