Was an atomic bomb the same as being in the nuclear age?

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the atomic bomb was the means by which we entered the nuclear age. the atomic bomb is a tool, the nuclear age is a period of time.

Is nuclear power linked to the atomic bomb?

Only in that to make plutonium or tritium for nuclear bombs youneed a reactor. While the reactors that make these materials canalso be used to generate electricity, they usually don't. Also thetypes of reactors usually used to generate electricity are notusually designed to efficiently make these ma (MORE)

Which bomb is more dangerous a nuclear bomb or an atomic bomb?

A nuclear bomb and an atomic bomb are virtually synonymous. The twoterms are both used to refer to a nuclear weapon. Even Wikipediaagrees. The use of either term as a search argument redirects theanswer to the article Nuclear Weapon. A link is provided. from benjaminmarkiewicz that dont make any s (MORE)

What are the effects of a nuclear and atomic bomb?

blast , pressure wave, strong winds, ground shock . thermal flash , electromagnetic radiation infrared . prompt radiation , electromagnetic radiation fromvisible light to gamma rays, neutrons . delayed radiation , fallout mostly from fissionproducts but also some due to neutron activation as well (MORE)

How is nuclear fusion used in an atomic bomb?

fusion can be used in several ways: . external electronic neutron sources, uses a miniaturizedparticle accelerator with tritium gas to produce a burst ofneutrons to initiate fission at the best time for desiredyield . boosting, injects a controlled amount of deuterium and/ortritium gas into a hol (MORE)

What is the difference between nuclear and atomic bombs?

nothing, the terms are interchangeable. They get their energy from the atomic nucleus . However there are two different ways to get this energy: fission & fusion. . fission involves splitting large nuclei into smaller ones . fusion involves joining small nuclei making larger ones While the (MORE)

Which is much stronger atomic bomb or nuclear bomb?

Both are the same thing a nuclear bomb is a chain reaction of usually uranium atoms colliding with each other causing massive damage. yes, that is correct but nuclear kills more belive it or not so dont cry to me when you see the japs come bomb us.

Is the nuclear reaction in the sun the same as in nuclear bombs?

In the so-called "hydrogen bomb" or fusion bomb ,yes, there is energy released from the same reaction (hydrogenfusing to helium) as in the Sun. However, many if not most atomic bombs are fissionbombs that do not involve fusion. In a fission bomb, thenuclei of uranium atoms are split, converting (MORE)

What was the atom bomb of the middle ages?

The only weapon I can imagine this referring to was Greek fire. It was hardly an atom bomb, however. In one form it was an incendiary bomb that could be thrown by a catapult. In another, it was a flame thrower.

Is an atomic bomb or a nuclear bomb more powerful?

The terms "atomic bomb" and "nuclear bomb" are general terms and can pretty much be used interchangeably. That said, there isn't any difference between them, and one is not more powerful than the other in that light.

Is a nuclear bomb the same as a atomic bomb?

Yes, both atomic bombs and nuclear bombs are names for bombs that take their energy from the atomic nucleus . These names are interchangeable. However they can obtain this energy by fission, fusion, or some combination. In Fission bombs the energy comes from breaking up large atoms, like Uranium (MORE)

Are nuclear bombs being used in Iraq?

Nuclear Devices aren't being used in Iraq and Afghanistan and probably won't be used due to the amount of innocent civilians that might be harmed if a nuclear device is used because terrorists from al-queda and the taliban are hiding and operating among civilians to prevent the coalition forces of u (MORE)

Are nukes and atomic bombs the same?

Atomic bombs use nuclear fission to cause near perpetual chains of reactions. Nuclear warheads (Nukes) just sums up all the different types, including hydrogen bombs (which use nuclear fusion, a much more potent type of power) and atomic bombs. So yes, they are the same.

Atomic and nuclear bombs?

What about them? They are the same thing: bombs that get their energy from the atomic nucleus . However there are two kinds: fission (breaking up large nuclei into smaller ones) and fusion (joining small nuclei into larger ones). The fusion type are often called thermonuclear because it takes ver (MORE)

What is the different between a nuclear bomb and an atom bomb?

\nNuclear bombs before the 60s were referred to as atom bombs, because the term Nuclear hadn't been discover yet. Nuclear bombs today, are generally Hydrogen bombs, or fusion bombs. They are significantly more powerful, able to places about the size of Rhode Island. Atom bombs,which were mostly uran (MORE)

Is a hydrogen bomb the same as a nuclear bomb?

Hydrogen bombs, or thermonuclear explosives, are one form of nuclear weapon, gaining a tremendous increase in explosive power from the fusion of atoms. This is the opposite of the fission reaction, which generates energy by splitting a larger atom into smaller ones. But the fusion bombs currently us (MORE)

Why are atomic bombs classified as nuclear?

Atomic bombs release energy in two ways. One is a fission bomb where the nucleus of a large atom is split into smaller parts. The amount of energy in the original atom is greater than the energy stored in the small pieces. This is the energy released. Atoms larger than iron can release energy when t (MORE)

How is nuclear powers and atomic bomb dangerous?

An atomic bomb works by forcing two pieces of radioactive material together, resulting in a chain fission reaction. This reaction releases an enormous amount of energy in a very short time creating a massive explosion. Hence, atomic bombs are primarily dangerous because of their powerful blast wave (MORE)

Are atomic bombs different from nuclear bombs?

Both basically are the same, they can be fission or fusion bombs like Uranium,Plutonium and Hydrogen bombs. A general description would be that atomic bombs are fission bombs. Nuclear bombs are fusion bombs. Fusion bombs are more powerful weight for weight

Is atomic bomb and nuclear bomb the same?

No, I don't believe so anyway. You see, an Atomic Bomb has an explosion made of the ripping of atoms whereas a nuclear bomb is either a Fission or Fusion reaction(fission=the splitting of molecules/fusion=the joining of atoms to create molecules)Ex. The sun is a giant nuclear explosion/reaction when (MORE)

Is the atomic bomb a nuclear bomb?

Yes, both atomic and nuclear describe what mechanism causes an explosion. It is causes by atoms decaying, or the nucleus being split apart and releasing energy. . More exactly, a nuclear weapon is one which derives its power from energy released by breaking intra-nuclear bonds (i.e. the ener (MORE)

Is atomic blast the same as atomic bomb?

No. The bomb is the actual device that is dropped from a specific height in the air. The blast occurs before it hits the ground. I am sure you have seen pictures of the mushroom cloud. Well, the blast was before that. It was a bright flash that could blind a person.

What are nuclear atom bombs?

Atomic bombs, as they were called in the 40s, are nuclear weapons which use the properties of radioactive material to create an extremely powerful explosion. The explosion involves a huge release of energy and very damaging radiation. Look up "atom bombs" and you are likely to find a range of expla (MORE)

Was the bomb that hit hiroshima an atom bomb or a nuclear bomb?

Atom or atomic bomb is an older term. The modern term is Nuclear Weapon or Nuclear Device. Then of course there are Thermonuclear weapons (typically these are the large strategic nukes), which are also called "Hydrogen Bombs". These typically consist of a primary or trigger, which is basically a (MORE)

Is hydrogen bomb the same as nuclear bomb?

This is a very simplistic answer: A Hydrogen Bomb is a type of nuclear bomb. It uses hydrogen fusion (combining atoms) to release the nuclear energy. The first "atomic" bombs used uranium or plutonium fission (splitting atoms) to release nuclear energy. So they are nuclear weapons also.

Is a nuclear bomb the same as an h-bomb?

No, a nuclear bomb is simply a radioactive core that is detonated via nuclear fission. In simpler terms, the radioactive element's atoms are split, which causes a chain reaction releasing an intense amount of radiation and energy. A hydrogen bomb, on the other hand, uses a nuclear bomb to detonate h (MORE)

Is the nuclear bomb still the same?

Yes and no. They are much smaller physically, typically higher yield, cheaper to build, and instead of being purely fission most use various mixtures of fission and fusion to meet their goals of yield, size, cost, etc.

Is a lahar the same power as a nuclear bomb?

No. A lahar carries far less power than a nuclear bomb. However,large explosive eruptions, which can lead to lahars, can be asstrong as or stronger than a nuclear explosion.

How much stronger is nuclear bomb than an atomic bomb?

You are confused, a nuclear bomb is a general name covering both "atomic bomb" and "hydrogen bomb". A hydrogen bomb is typically higher yield than an atomic bomb, although it is possible to design very small low yield hydrogen bombs for special purposes that have lower yield than "typical" atomic (MORE)

What causes more damage an atomic bomb or a nuclear bomb?

The two basically mean the same thing. Some people use the term"atomic" to refer to a pure fission bomb, and "nuclear" to refer tote more powerful fusion bomb. Also there are modern compact fusion bombs with lower yield thanmany older pure fission bombs that used to be stockpiled. In thiscase the fi (MORE)

Do nuclear and atomic bombs are formed by nuclear radiation?

There are many types of nuclear radiation that have nothing to do with bombs, reactors, etc. In fact most radioactive material on earth was formed in supernovas billions of years before our solar system even formed. The materials used to make the active components of nuclear explosives are radioac (MORE)

Is the atom bomb and a nuke the same?

No, an atomic bomb uses fission, but a nuclear or thermonuclear bomb combines fission and nuclear fusion. Therefore, a nuke is more powerful than an atom bomb.

Which is worse Nuclear bomb or atomic bomb?

Basically the same thing. The 2 types of atomic/nuclear bombs are: . Fission - works by breaking large heavy nuclei into smaller ones. . Fusion - works by combining small light nuclei into bigger ones. Fusion is commonly considered worse because it has no yield ceiling, just add more stages w (MORE)

How is an atomic bomb triggered by nuclear fission?

You mean what triggers the fission chain reaction? The atomic bomb that was dropped on hiroshima was a gun style fission bomb that used a uranium-235 core. The core consisted of two hemispheres of U-235 on each side of a tube, with an explosive that would push them together. When they collide, th (MORE)

Which is bigger atom bomb or nuclear bomb?

Both words are technically interchangeable, so your question cannot be answered as written. Perhaps you meant which is bigger fission or fusion bomb? Define bigger: size or yield? The biggest bombs ever built in both size and yield have been fusion. But many modern fission bombs are bigger physi (MORE)

Why is the hydrogen atom used for nuclear bombs?

because it is small is fusable and fissable. Further answer It's not used for all atom bombs. In fact the first ones weren't. Uranium and plutonium were the elements used. They were fissile, i.e. capable of sustaining a chain reaction when they split into other elements. More recently hydrogen (MORE)

Is a hydrogen bomb the same as nuclear fusion?

Yes and no: . nuclear fusion makes hydrogen bombs possible . an actual hydrogen bomb is a rather complex device, involving both nuclear fission and nuclear fusion triggering each other in a precisely timed sequence. Most hydrogen bombs derive 90% of their yield from nuclear fission, almost all o (MORE)

Which is bigger in atom bomb or nuclear bomb?

The terms atomic bomb and nuclear bomb are interchangeable as both obtain their energy from the atomic nucleus . So neither is bigger. There are two processes to get the energy for a bomb out of the atomic nucleus : . fission, the breaking up of large nuclei into smaller ones . fusion, (MORE)

What is more powerful atomic bombs or nuclear bombs?

They are the same kind of bomb: bombs that derive their energy from the atomic nucleus . It just depends on design and how much of the design yield is from fission or from fusion. Pure fission bombs cannot be built with yields above 1 megaton, but including some fusion the theoretical yield is unli (MORE)

Are nuclear bombs and atom bomb same?

Technically yes, as both obtain their energy from the binding energy of the atomic nucleus . There are two different types of mechanism of these bombs: . fission bombs, these bombs obtain their energy by splitting very massive atoms up into lighter atoms. These are commonly called atom bombs. (MORE)

How do you get nuclear weapons atomic bombs from nuclear fission?

fission is the nuclear reaction that makes both bombs and reactors possible. . if a mass of fissile material is subcritical, its neutron multiplication factor is less than 1 and any chain reaction started in it will die out with only a small release of heat and radiation. . if a mass of fissile (MORE)

Which bomb has a faster energy nuclear bomb or atomic bomb?

I am not sure what is meant by the phrase faster energy . As far as the difference. A nuclear bomb can refer to a fission device (also known as atomic bomb). Or it can be a thermonuclear device (combining both fission and fusion reactions), which yields a larger blast energy from the same amount of (MORE)