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Was sind amphibien?

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Was sind Amphibien? translates as What are amphibians?
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What is an amphibien?

  Anything that can perform in water and on land.

Sind jungs denn dumm-ja sind sie?

Sind jungs denn dumm - ja sind sie = Are boys stupid - yes they are.

Was sind Natursteine?

Had to look it up myself because it could have been something else than the name says. :-)    Dimension stone is natural stone or rock that has been selected and fab

Was sind volkstribunen?

Was sind Volkstribunen = What are people's tribunes

Are dolphins amphibiens?

No dolphins are not amphibians. Dolphins can`t be amphibians because amphibians lay their eggs in the water and the adults live on land. Dolphins live in the sea only and they