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Was sind Amphibien? translates as What are amphibians?
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What is the phrase 'Sie sind herzlich willkommen' in English?

use Babel Fish! yeah great idea, German speakers will wet themselves with laughter Sie sind herzlich willkommen = You are are heartily welcome

Was sind Shingles in Deutsch?

Gürtelrose [gert'l ros-eh] (these are roofing shingles, as opposed to the medical condition)

How do you pronounce in English 'Sie sind schön'?

You would pronounce Sie sind schön it a bit like zee zint shuhn. As you rarely would say this to someone you address formally, you'd probably want to say du bist schön (do

What actors and actresses appeared in Wir sind Kaiser - 2007?

The cast of Wir sind Kaiser - 2007 includes: Nadja Abd el Farrag as herself Manfred Ainedter as himself Werner Amon as himself Thomas Anders as himself Yela as herself Elton a