What Crayola colors discontinued in 1990?

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Green blue, orange red, orange yellow, violet blue, maize, lemon yellow, blue gray and raw umber were retired in 1990.
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How many Crayola colors are there?

There are 133 standard Crayola crayons according to HEX and RGB codes. There are also at least 12 Specialty color sets by Crayola. Silver Swirls, Magic Scents ,Gem Tones, Chan

What was Crayolas first color of crayon?

It's really not possible to get a definitive answer on this because the history behind the earliest crayons isn't documented very well. The most likely answer is black because

How many Crayola crayon colors are there?

Over Crayola's 100+ year history, they have made 330 true colors. These are the colors you see when you use a crayon. Over their history, they have used over 746 different nam

What are all of the Crayola crayon colors?

Mahogany. Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown. Chestnut. Red Orange. Sunset Orange. Bittersweet. Melon. Outrageous Orange. Vivid Tangerine. Burnt Sienna. Brown. Sepia. Orange. Burn

Color of the 1000th Crayola crayon?

It hasn't happened yet. In the history of Crayola from 1903 up until current day, there are only 750 color names ever created for a Crayola crayon. Within those color names th

The first Crayola crayon was what color?

The actual first color Binney & Smith produced (that was the name of the company before they changed it to Crayola) was BLACK. However, that wasn't a Crayola crayon. They firs

How many colors did Crayola begin with?

First it was just the primary colors (red, blue and yellow) but they didnt sell any of those. The started off with 8 (black, brown, red, blue, yellow, orange and purple)
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What is the list of what-if Crayola crayon colors?

The list of what-if Crayola crayon colors are: Amber (Same color as Yellow-Orange) Amethyst Apple green Ash gray Azure Beige Burgundy (same color as Maroon) Celadon Chartreuse