What Justin bieber hates in a girl?

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He dislikes girls that are superficial, mean, bossy, rude and a girl that he cant have a decent conversation with.
What he does like in a girl is some one who is funny, confident, sweet, outgoing and nice. he wants someone he can be best friends with.=]
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Why Justin Bieber hate Asian girls?

O why would you think Justin hated Asian girls? he deff. doesn't hate anyone...lets hope, & proof that he doesn't is he invited like THE LUCKIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD up on

Does Justin Bieber hate dark girls?

No, actually he said recently that he was in love with Beyonce and was very sad when she got married.

Does Justin Bieber hate his girl fans?

No he loves them and he loves girls with brown medium length hair and blue eye's with a beautiful personality and who is very down to earth someone to make him laugh. Yes. H