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What are Europe's most beautiful cities?

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That would probably be a matter of personal opinion. As a resident of Dublin, I find it the nicest city in Europe, but that is an obvious personal bias. Amsterdam is a Mecca for the alternative, Paris is the most visited tourist destination in the world, and cities further to the east such as Vienna and Prague have their own charm which is causing a resurgence in visitors there. Every city in Europe has its own personality and charm due to years of history and changes.
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What is Europe's most dangerous city?

I can't be exact with every city but for the most part, Sweden seems to have the highest overall crime rate in Europe. The numbers of reported crimes have increased radically

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Why is Edinburgh considered one of Europe's most picturesque cities?

You would have to see it, to appreciate it. It is close to the sea, has some nice mountains close by, some nice green areas, is well laid out, has some nice architecture, has