What are arts and entertainment in England?

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what is the main entertainment in England
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What is entertainment Arts?

Electronic Arts, Inc. is a company that develops, publishes andmarkets video games. They are headquartered in Redwood City,California. Some of the games they have developed in

What is the difference between art and entertainment?

Art is when a person has a talent that is special; however,entertainment is a section of the whole art point, it is whensomeone make people happy (by joking, laughing, fooling

How do Performing arts entertain?

Performing Arts entertain in many ways Like let's see well acting I'm in a musical and we will be entertaining people for two nights And let's say dancing they entertain by us

What are some arts and entertainment in Wyoming?

There are museums: Buffalo Bill Historical Center, National Museum of Wildlife Art, and University of Wyoming Art Museum. Also tourist attractions such as: Rodeo, hiking, moun

Define the arts and entertainment industry?

Using pure talent to perform as an artist of music, art, design, acting. Also includes film, media, broadcasting. The arts and entertainment indutry is one of the most highly

What are the uses of computer in arts and entertainment?

In arts, computers are used for graphic design and photo editing. Programs like Photoshop and GIMP are used professionally for this sort of thing. Programs like Adobe Flash ca
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What does the Arts and Entertainment Network offer?

The Arts and Entertainment Network offers programming on documentaries, biographies, drama and most recently, has added reality-based programming as well. The network reaches

How does Canada support its arts and entertainment?

With taxes and laws. Taxes are collected from the people and the government and our elite decide which arts and entertainment are supported. The government also uses the CRTC