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What are arts and entertainment in England?

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what is the main entertainment in England
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Where is England?

England is a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and  Northern Ireland, a country situated off the North West coast of  France in Europe.    Longitude: from 6

What rhymes with entertain?

aine, ayn, bain, baine, bane, bayne, blain, blaine, blane, blayne, brain, cain, caine, cane, cayne, chain, cheyne, crain, craine, crane, crayne, dain, dane, dayne, drain, dra

What are the uses of computer in arts and entertainment?

In arts, computers are used for graphic design and photo editing. Programs like Photoshop and GIMP are used professionally for this sort of thing. Programs like Adobe Flash ca

In what ways did economic conditions and developments in the arts and entertainment help create the reputation of the 1920s as the Roaring Twenties?

Economy: The Roaring Twenties is traditionally viewed as an era of  great economic prosperity driven by the introduction of a wide  array of new consumer goods. The North Am

What is the benefit of entertainment?

Entertainment sets your mind free, helps you to chill out, releases your stress, makes you happy, and brings colour to your life.

What did Shakespeare do for entertainment?

  He spent most of his time writing comedies, tragedies, and historical plays; also sonnets. He was a hard worker.

What is entertainment?

Entertainment is what one does to pass time or to enjoy such as watching a play or movie. Playing is also another form of entertainment.

What are the characteristics of a entertainer?

An entertainer must be an outgoing person, unafraid to make bold choices. Let's take musicians for a moment: if a musician is playing a set of country tunes and the room of pe

What is entertainment Arts?

Electronic Arts, Inc. is a company that develops, publishes and  markets video games. They are headquartered in Redwood City,  California. Some of the games they have develo