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Characteristics of Language:
1) verbal, vocal & sound
2)social phenomenon
3)means of communication
4)non-instinctive, conventional
5) arbitrary
9)linguistic & communicative competence
10)human & structurally complex

If we are talking about language, and something that looks like language but is not… the important characteristic is "7)" - being bound by rules. The core principle is that you can use a language to make new sentences (and other people will understand you). This is (only) possible because language has rules for making sentences, by putting words together systematically. (Of course, it is possible to be understood without constructing a proper sentence - Gen Y's do it all the time.)
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What is in formal language?

informal language is a language best used to  communicate more personal, subjective content with an audience you  know fairly well. 

Characteristics of formal report?

Formal reports identify individuals that are being addressed by the  report. Many formal reports explain the decision process and the  results.

What are the Characteristics of formal report?

One of the characteristics of a formal report is that it will be  either informational, or analytical. Formal reports stay focused on  their point and do not veer off.

What does formal and informal language mean?

formal language means addressing someone, like your boss, or a complete stranger, in a way like, 'Hello, Sir/ Ma'am!'. Informal language would be addressing someone, your boss

Characteristics of formal and informal group?

formal groups are delibrately created and members share common  goals and where similar clothing-eg uniform,logos, symbols,  emblems. An example of a formal group is a schoo

Whatare examples of formal language?

Formal language is usually rather stilted and used on formal and generally public occasions. For example, when the President of the United States addresses the nation, his use

Characteristics of formal groups?

A formal group has specific members assigned to the group. A formal  group also has a clear objective to work towards when they meet.

What formal language mean?

  formal language is the opposite to slang.   formal language is the opposite to slang and is mostly spoken by posh people.

What is a formal language?

The term "formal language" is standard language without colloquialisms or slang. The definition of "a formal language" is one that has standard meanings and grammatical form

What is the characteristic of formal essay?

The characteristics of a formal essay would include the principles  of unity, coherence and emphasis in each paragraph. The formal  essay must include an introduction, thesi

What is the meaning of formal language?

The term 'formal language' can be referred either to natural or artificial languages. In the context of natural languages, it denotes a more formal way of speaking. This means