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Static electricity can also cause uncomfortable shocks to a person who becomes "charged up". To experience this shock, drag your feet across a carpet in socks, then touch your finger to a doorknob. Static electricity can be responsible for the ignition of flammable gases, such as the vapors produced by petrol (gasoline) when you are filling your car.
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How is current electricity different from static electricity?

Static electricity is the BUILT UP STORE of electron charges [e-]  between a pair of objects, while current electricity is the FLOW of  electrons between these objects. 

Static electricity for kids-what is it static electricity and how is it created?

How does static electricity work? What is static electricity? 1. Static electricity is a form of electricity that does not flow: it is electricity at rest. Objects carry p

What is static electricity?

Electricity which are generated due to unbalance in charges in a  matter . Charges so created are static and they will not move .  Although they are static they will exert f

What it is a static electricity?

Everything we see is made up of tiny little parts called atoms. The atoms are made of even smaller parts. These are called protons, electrons and neutrons. They are very diffe

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Can you generate electricity with static electricity?

You can get large amounts of Voltage from a static charge. That is what causes the spark that jumps from material to material after creating a static "charge". The actual ampe

How does static relate to static electricity?

Static means it doesn't move. This is essentially what static electricity is, a charge tht has no current. It is made by the transfer of electrons, as a pose to a cell or batt

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Why is static electricity called static?

It is called static because from the word itself, static, means not moving or no action. Please note that the more accurate term is "static charge" because it means a charge
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Why does static electricity has the name static?

Static (meaning it does not move) electricity is an electric charge which is stored. One way to generate static electricity is to rub two things together, and one of the mater

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