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There are more than just a few definitions of "enclosure". One of those definitions can be "something intended to enclose something". Other definitions include, but are not limited to:

  • A trampoline safety enclosure is designed to prevent the user of the given trampoline from being injured whilst bouncing.
  • a document, or photo, etc, included with a business letter.
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What was the Enclosure Act?

 "The Enclosure Act occured in Great Britain in the 18th century. It  caused all the skinny plots of land to be joined together. The land  was joined and then people were

What are the motor enclosures?

A motor enclosure is a structure containing an electric motor.  There are many different types including the drip proof, totally  enclosed, and the flame proof.

What was enclosure?

A way of closing off land to a single owner   The practice of fencing off common pastures   Building fences around land that used to be shared between farmers

Do you keepsheep in an enclosure?

  it really doent matter actually.If u have the space it would be best to give them as much mand covered with grass as you can. But be careful, the enclosure must be at le

What is an auto enclosure?

Automotive Enclosures are garages, facilities or buildings constructed exclusively for vehicles. Any home garage or commercial structure can be designed, built, renovated or d

What is a trampoline enclosure?

A trampoline enclosure is a type of sorround which attaches to a trampoline to keep it safe and prevent any one from falling off it. They are highly recommended to have on tra
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What does metal enclosures do?

Metal enclosures create a safe storage of valuables. It has a lock system that provides access to is owner and with the metal shell it garnishes a higher level of physical pro
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What are enclosures in a letter?

Enclosures in a letter are items that are added to the envelope  before it is shipped. For instance one might say that there are  pictures enclosed, those pictures would be