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What are examples of first second and third class levers in the musculoskeletal system?

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This is actually 3.0 musculoskeletal and 76 gr of musculoskeletal
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Give examples of third class levers?

Third class levers the Effort is between the Resistance and Fulcrum (FER) Examples are: · Mouse trap · Baseball bat · Tweezers · Nail clippers · Mandible · Hocke

Examples of first class lever?

first class levers have fulcrum at center and load and effort at extremes, examples are seesaw and scissor.
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What is the difference between first class second class and third class levers?

the difference is the position of the fulcrum. a first class lever has the fulcrum between the lode and applied force. a second class lever has the load between the fulcrum an

What do second and third class levers both have?

   the fulcrum between the effort and load   /    B.    effort applied in the same place   /    C.    two loads and fulcrums   /