What are examples of web based systems?

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There are many examples of web based systems. Some common examples as of May 2014 include online retail stores, online web email, and online auctions.
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What is a web based system?

Technically, the term Web-Based system refers to those applications or services that are resident on a server that is accessible using a Web browser and is therefore accessibl

What is a web based system development?

Any system that is needed web browser or internet connection could be categorized into web based system like websites, skype, messenger etc. WEB API is also a part of web base

Example of web-based software?

Any aplication made to be used as a tool to improve the workexperience that doesn't require any downloads. Examples: GoogleCalendar, Zoho Documents, Grooveshark, Google Notebo

Define web based system?

A web based system is one that can be accessed via a web browser and typically off-site or off of the network that you are currently on. The new generation of web based system

Web based system it is the best?

i converted over to linux mint 12 a while back from windows, i tried a few others like chrome os, ununtu, and some others. but this os seems to the best. and hardley takes u

What is a non-web based system?

A non-web based system might be a stand-alone system or a desktop based system which might also be referred to as an native application for a specific operating system.

What is a web based operating system?

A web-based OS is a system where all the applications and data his held on the internet. The operating system is essentially like any other operating system except that it run
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What's an example of web based software?

CNET is a great technology resource to use in looking up product information. This site will offer information on price, performance and rating for many web based software pro

What is the example of web-based program?

If you mean web applications Google Calendar is a good example,Horde groupware is another open source application. If you mean a web based programming language there are a n
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What does a web based content management system do?

Web based content management systems help prevent or avoid costly mistakes. They also do many other things, and those I am not sure of but I would also like to learn more abou