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There are many examples of web based systems. Some common examples as of May 2014 include online retail stores, online web email, and online auctions.
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What is a web based system development?

Any system that is needed web browser or internet connection could be categorized into web based system like websites, skype, messenger etc. WEB API is also a part of web base

Definition of web-based application?

Web-based application that is accessed over a network such as internet or intranet. The software is on the internet and your documents can be saved there instead of the softwa

Explain what a knowledge based system is and its examples?

Knowledge-Based Systems    A knowledge-based system is a computer program that reasons and uses knowledge to solve complex problems. Traditionally, computers have solve

What is the best web based email?

I heard that Yahoo! was the best one. I personally think it is  Hotmail because you can personalize about everything on your page,  have a picture for your user, and more. Y

Example of web-based software?

Any aplication made to be used as a tool to improve the work  experience that doesn't require any downloads. Examples: Google  Calendar, Zoho Documents, Grooveshark, Google

What does web based email mean?

  Web Based email is an email that is accessible anywhere where you have an internet connection, for example Hotmail (Windows Live Mail), GMail, Yahoo Mail, etc.

What is web based computing?

web based computing is nothing but a transaction done by through online, n the trade n non trading concern done their business on through online n maintaining book of accounts

What does web-based application software do?

It depends on the type of software. Web-based application software in generic terms is software that is used through a browser that helps you in a task.

What is an example of dbms used in web-based application?

  MYSQL - a freely distributed DBMS   Microsoft SQL Server - the product of old-brand Microsoft   Oracle - a strong and powerful DBMS, which is normally used by larg