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Here are some facts I know: huskies are medium sized dogs, I think they Wait is somewhere between 40-60 pounds, they have very thick fur coats and they are very heavy shedders, they say there coat can help them stand up to 75- degrees, they are very friendly and do not make good watch dogs, they are very full of energy and need Lot's of exercise, there eyes are usually blue, brown, or one of each, they might look like wolves, but they are not wolves or wolf hybrids, they do not bark very often but they do howl and make whinny noises, they like to dig a lot, they can be hard to train, but this is not because they are not smart, they are very smart dogs, but they are very stubborn, and they like to play rough. Those are the facts i know, there are some websites that have more info. I hope i helped.
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How tall can a husky get?

According to the official Kennel Club Breed Standard, Siberian Huskies should grow to between 20 and 23.5 inches at the shoulder.

What talents do huskies have?

Many. They are very strong, loyal, intelligent, good hunters (Not a good talent for owners) and it takes A LOT to tire them out- just to name a few. One of the most talented d

What are the huskies' enemies?

the Siberian huskies enemies are cats the absolutely ahte cats if they are not brought up with them . .. . i have a husky and she seen a cat eating her food and she killed i

How old do huskies get?

Normally they can live to be 14- 16 years old.    About 10-14 years depending on their health care dental care and  physical care.  sometimes 20 years depending on if

Is a samoyed a husky?

No, a Samoyed is NOT a husky. They are two distinct breeds, though both originate in Siberia. Samoyeds a very ancient breed, and are white, cream, or biscuit, with dark brown

How big can a husky get?

Huskies are a medium size canine. There fur is thick making them look like a larger type but such is not the case. They do, however, possess stronger hereditary DNA than most

What are huskies used for?

Huskies were used for pulling sleds. They are born to run and enjoy working.

What jobs do huskies do?

Siberian Huskies were bred to pull heavy loads across frozen ice and snow.

Which is bigger a husky or a Siberian husky?

The term Husky is a shortened version of Siberian Husky, so this is the same breed. Huskies can vary in size considerably, but usually range between 20 and 23.5 inches at the

How much are huskies?

it can range from 150$ to 1000$ it just depends.

What are facts about Siberian huskies?

the interesting factabout huskies are that they have a 3rd eyelid called the ' nictatatating membrane

Do huskies bite?

Well all dogs bite as its there natural instinct as they were naturally wild but it all depends on how Each and every Husky Dog has been Brought up! Hope this helps!

Do huskys molt?

Oh yes, a lot! Huskies molt like all other dogs and canines. They  do so twice a year.

Are huskies cute?

Definitel < dont listen to that huskies are cute because they have fluffy fur cute barking likes walks , cute , sometimes tamed , have cute puppys , pertty fur.