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What are four powers congress has?

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power to declare war, to levy tax, regulate commerce and enforce copyrights.
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Name four powers congress has?

Regulate trade amongst the states, collect taxes, declare war,  borrow money.

What are the three powers of congress?

Congress has the power to lay and collect taxes, they have the  power to declare war, and they have the power over the impeachment  process. Congress has several other power

What are the four powers of congress?

Four powers of the U.S. Congress: 1. Declare War 2. Levy Taxes 3. Ratify Treaties 4. Impeachment Authority

How does the president balance the power of Congress?

He divides them into different parts that are called branches then they all have to work together and there has to be a vote that all of them agree on if they want to change s

What are the powers of Congress?

Here is a pretty comprehensive list (there are like 66 specificallygranted powers to the congress, by the articles, and amendments") :Enumerated Powers to Congress by Original

What powers does congress have?

1. The shall the power to : lay and collect 2. To borrow money from of usa 3. To regulate commerce with foreign nation 4. To establish a uniform of naturalization 5.

What are four ways Congress can check the power of the president?

Confirming or Denying the President's appointees (such as Supreme Judges) Granting (or not) the President the right to declare war Overrule by both houses of a presidential si

What are the four main criticisms of congress?

its alleged competence, its overresponsiveness to organize interestsits inefficienciesits partisan character