What are good Valentine's Day Gifts to give your 3-year-old daughter?

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You could give her a teddy bear with a box of chocolates or flowers or a card Anything pink! I dont like getting my 3 year sweets but to pack a picnic lunch and take her to the park, make daisy chains for each other on valentines day. Have sandwiches cut out as heart shapes , just have a little fun. 3 year olds like time to be spent on them.
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What is a good gift to give a boy on Valentine's Day?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nTry the new ShareBuds MX twin stereo earphones at http://www.sharebuds.com\nThis past weekend, I had the opportunity to buy one online at http://www.sharebuds.com alongside my boyfriend. We were definitely impressed. The sound was great! \n. \nShareBuds MX twin stereo earp (MORE)

What is a great gift for your daughter for Valentine's Day?

There is a difference between a small and a big daughter for giving a gift in valentine. For a small daughter, it could be great if you give her a toy, a chocolate box or something that really proofs that you love her that your small daughter would be happy from the fabulous gift. For a big daughter (MORE)

What are good Valentine's Day gifts for teenage boys?

A good gift for any teenage boy is cologne. Fierce from Abercrobie smells good, but it's like $30. If you want something cheaper you can't go wrong w/ candy, or a stuffed bear. I'm probably gonna get my boyfriend Fierce. I hope that answers your question. :]

What are good Valentine's Day gifts for teenage girls?

Girls LOVE LOVE LOVE jewelry. I personally am old fashioned, so something like a cutesy heart necklace and a single rose is soooooooooo romantic. If she isn't old fashioned, maybe a necklace with the initial of your first name in rhinestones. If you are really rich, something nice like a silver, gol (MORE)

What are good Valentine's Day gifts for college students?

Gift Baskets would be my number one choice to send to a college student. Valentine's Day Gift Baskets come with a variety of items - food, chocolates, bath and body items, flowers, Valentine's Day Teddy Bears, and flowers. A Valentine's Day Gift Basket with food would probably be most welcome. (MORE)

What is a good gift for a guy on Valentine's Day?

rent his favoret movie (or buy it), pop some pop corn, put chocolate kisses in a bowl. it's all the perfect present you guys get to cuddle, he gets to watch his favoret movie and you get to spend time with the guy you love :)

What are some good gift ideas for your boyfriend on Valentine's Day?

If you're looking for a unique valentines gift idea for your boyfriend, personalized soapcards might do the trick. They make heart shapes soaps with your photo or message embedded inside.I got it for my boyfriend and he loved it. You can write all kinds of funny stuff.... My boyfriend thought it was (MORE)

What is a good perfume to give your wife on Valentine's Day?

I would not buy her something that she has never had before unless she told you that she wanted it. perfumes are tricky. If you get her one that she doesn't like, it's useless. The best thing to do is look at what she uses the most and get her more of that, or just ask her.

What are some humorous gifts to give your husband for Valentine's Day?

There are some hilarious Valentine's Day candy hearts that say funny or snarky sayings. They are called Bittersweets. Other more bizarre (or at least less depressing) options: . A Romeo and Juliet flick featuring you and your husband (with a happy ending). . Gag gifts such as a stuffed animal (MORE)

When did the tradition of gift giving on Valentine's Day begin?

The tradition of gift giving comes from the legend that comes from the life of the Catholic martyr St. Valentine who was imprisoned by the Roman Emperor Claudius II. According to legend, while imprisoned, St. Valentine fell in love with his jailer's daughter. Before he was executed for failing to de (MORE)

What are good Valentine's Day gifts for girlfriends?

Well as an experienced married men. Here is my advice; What about buying a piece of jewelry, almost all women love jewelry even though they don't confess.. This is going to be my 3rd year that we will be celebrating Valentine's Day with my wife. I have always wanted to give unique gifts to her. But (MORE)

12 year old boy gifts for Valentine's day?

I don't know what i should get my gf for valentines day, but then it shocked me when i had an idea! I'm going to go to Build A Bear Workshop and make her a bear then she wanted theses new gym shoes and there nice and pink $50 man this is gonna be the best V-day gift ever! :)

My boyfriend of about a year is 21 and in a band that tours a lot. We will not be together on Valentine's day. What would be a good valentine's day gift for him?

You should get him a red photo album filled with pictures of the two of you and write him a romantic card!!!!!!!!! :< ) I put a link down there for you -- I found this great site - http://www.my-song.ca/alps/vday/sales! You go on and make a personalized love song - I had a great time putting (MORE)

What are good Valentine's Day gifts for sixteen year old boyfriends?

I'm only 15 but my boyfriends 16 though. I thought it was really cute and he really wanted one so i got him a dog tag with an engraved poem I wrote for him on one side and a picture of him and I engraved on the other side I have a matching one but its in the shape of a heart and its not a dog tag an (MORE)

What is a good gift to give your daughter turning twenty five?

Well, considering your daughter is a woman now, I would consider something that is more in adult hood. Maybe things for college or something that represents how much you care for her. Scarves always work, but I would consider maybe clothing, something more in their age group and makes them feel like (MORE)

Why do you give gifts on Valentine's Day?

In general, gifts on Valentines Day *now* are regarded as tokens of love and friendship. i have no idea how the tradition started, but I am sure a short google will bring forth many answers. If you are asking specifically why do *I* give gifts, I use the holiday as a kind of mile marker on my rel (MORE)

What is a good Valentine's gift for your nineteen year old boyfriend?

Although nobody can say with any level of certainty what your boyfriend might like, for an occasion such as Valentine's day one item is a very safe bet: make him something. It can be anything, like having him over for dinner and cooking his favorite meal for him, of if you have any special talent (MORE)

What is a good Valentine's Day gift for an 11 year old girl?

An 11-yr old girl is in an age between still being a girl, and becoming a teen. Many girls this age would like: . A hand-made or store bought card. . A teddy bear or other soft "huggable". . A stuffed-animal with "Valentine Heart" attached, such as a bear squeezing a Valentine heart. . Costume j (MORE)

What are the unique gifts to give this Valentine's Day?

Create a personal quote desktop calendar that starts on any date asa gift. These are like the page-a-day, tear-off calendars howeveryou can add your own personal entry for each day of the year. Thereis also a phone app edition that lets you add a personal entry andphoto for each day of the year.

What is the best gift for a girl to give to a guy for Valentine's Day?

It truly depends on the girl, and the type of relationship you two have. If she really enjoys the typical cliche yet cute traditions: Red Roses, and a box of chocolates. If you think it has progressed to a more serious level then jewelry would not be out of the ordinary. Then again if you w (MORE)

What is a good Valentine's Day gift for your boyfriend?

If You Are A Crafty Person- Get around six kebab sticks and some red construction paper. Cut the red construction paper into six hearts and tape them on the kebab sticks. These are now "Cupids Arrows". Write on one of the hearts I, then on another one write Love, then You, then your boyfriends name, (MORE)

What is a good gift for a thirteen year old girl from a boy on Valentine's Day?

a good gift for a 13 year old girl (which i am) would be any piece of jewelry. for example, a necklace with the first letter of her first name or a charm bracelet would be nice. if not that you could always give her a small box of chocolates. either way, you dont have to go out and spend too much mo (MORE)

How do you give your boyfriend a Valentine's gift?

The answer depends very strongly on the current attachment level between you and your boyfriend and the gift you intend to give him. Many men feel awkward about receiving Valentine's Day gifts. Common presentation techniques include the "I planned something special for you", the "I was just thinking (MORE)

What are some gifts to give your husband on Valentine's Day?

How about a jar decorated nicely full of heart slips with I love you because________. I appreciate the way you share your Love with me! I appreciate and love the way you_____. Make a handmade Valentine by You with pics of you & him through the years with a special poem about your love or your vows (MORE)

What is a good gift to give your teacher on Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is fun for everyone. Here are some gift ideas for your teacher: . Present the teacher with a bouquet of paper flowers and try to take signatures of the students on the petals . . Virtual Box of Chocolates : Fill up an empty box of chocolates with thank you notes from the (MORE)

What kind of flowers do you give your daughter on Valentine's Day?

If she has a favorite -- like daisies or tulips -- then give those. Consider her personality. Does she like a lot of color? Then, "modern" hot pink, bright purple, and electric blue will send the message that you know her. If she's more of a traditionalist, then a tried-and-true winner is pink roses (MORE)

What is a good gift for Valentine's Day to apologize?

If you've done something to hurt someone you love for which you need to apologize, the best gift would be a sincere, heartfelt apology. It can be in a card which has a pre-printed message that fits, but it would still be a good idea to write in the card how sorry you are for hurting that person, and (MORE)

What is the best gift to give to your boyfriend on Valentine's Day?

There are a number of things that may be appropriate given the nature of your relationship: 1) Take him out to a restaurant that he enjoys but does not often get to go. 2) Do an activity that he enjoys, but typically you don't like to participate in. 3) Chocolates, either in a love-heart box (MORE)

What are some good ideas for Valentine's Day gift baskets?

There are many good ideas for Valentine's Day gift baskets, but it mostly depends on the receivers gender or liking. A good gift basket for a women might include jewelry, some chocolate, lotion, and maybe even a nice teddy bear. You can try to be decorative and wrap the baskets in various ribbons. F (MORE)