What are good Valentine's Day Gifts to give your 3-year-old daughter?

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You could give her a teddy bear with a box of chocolates or flowers or a card Anything pink! I dont like getting my 3 year sweets but to pack a picnic lunch and take her to the park, make daisy chains for each other on valentines day. Have sandwiches cut out as heart shapes , just have a little fun. 3 year olds like time to be spent on them.
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What are good Valentine's Day gifts for girlfriends?

Well as an experienced married men. Here is my advice; What about buying a piece of jewelry, almost all women love jewelry even though they don't confess.. This is going to b

12 year old boy gifts for Valentine's day?

I don't know what i should get my gf for valentines day, but then it shocked me when i had an idea! I'm going to go to Build A Bear Workshop and make her a bear then she wante

My boyfriend of about a year is 21 and in a band that tours a lot. We will not be together on Valentine's day. What would be a good valentine's day gift for him?

You should get him a red photo album filled with pictures of the two of you and write him a romantic card!!!!!!!!! :< ) I put a link down there for you -- I found this gr

What gifts you might give on Valentine's Day?

Chocolates, flowers, a poem or something speicial like a huge stuffed animal saying I love you or a real animal like a puppy with a bow or a kitten.

Is a watch a good Valentine's gift?

well, somehting that my sister did that her boyfriend, now fiance did. was she got the sticky note pad the shape of pink hearts and wrote. 143 reasons what she loves about h

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I'm only 15 but my boyfriends 16 though. I thought it was really cute and he really wanted one so i got him a dog tag with an engraved poem I wrote for him on one side and a p

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Although nobody can say with any level of certainty what your boyfriend might like, for an occasion such as Valentine's day one item is a very safe bet: make him something.

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a good gift for a 13 year old girl (which i am) would be any piece of jewelry. for example, a necklace with the first letter of her first name or a charm bracelet would be nic