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What are high riggers lumberjacks?

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High Riggers do the most difficult job of climbing tall coniferous trees and cutting off the top branches and the top of the tree.
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What does rigger mean?

RIGGER-Is a skateboarders term for a person who takes pieces of wood, metal, pipe, etc and innovates it so they can skate on it.

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What is a lumberjack?

In North America, 'lumberjack' is the word used for a person whoworks in forestry, either felling, preparing or transporting foresttrees/timber. Lumberjacks are also known as

What are lumberjacks?

The lumberjacks are a very strong and hardy group of people (both men and women) who work in the forest to harvest, trim and prepare the logs for the saw mill. This is extreme

What does a lumberjack do?

According to Monty Python a Lumberjack:   Sleeps all night and works all day. Cut down trees, eats lunch, is regular in habit, shops on Wednesdays and eats buttered scones.

What is the meaning of rigger?

  it mean :a large piece of equipment that is used for taking oil or gas from the ground or the bottom of the sea 20.00 to 26.00 an hour

What are riggers?

rigger is skateboarders term for a person who takes pieces of wood,metal,pipe...

What work they do lumberjack?

the main works of lumberjacks is logging. it involves cutting of trees, cutting the main logs , hauling the logs to the landing ground

What is the role of lumberjack?

For other uses, see Lumberjack (disambiguation). Lumberjacks in Oregon, c. 1910 A lumberjack is a worker in the logging industry who performs the initial harvesting and transp
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Who are high riggers?

People who work with cables, winches, pulleys, and ropes off the ground in construction, entertainment, and yachting.
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What is a telecom rigger?

Telecommunication Riggers do various work around the country mainly focusing on cell phone towers building and upgrading GSM/UMTS/LTE sites. The job role is very safety consci