What are jive songs?

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I can help you if you are doing 50's rock and roll swing jive dancing. If this question refers to modern jive I'm afraid it'll seem kinda stupid :P
I'd say that the top 10 rock and roll numbers to jive to are:

1. Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry
2. Rockin' Robin - The Jackson Five
3. Why - The Cues
4. She's the Most - The Five Keys
5. Please Mama Please - Go Cat Go
6. Bill Haley and the Bill Haley Comets - Birth of the Boogie
7. Swords of 1000 Men - Tenpole Tudor
8. Don't knock upon my door - Billy Fury
9. Love tattoo - Imelda May
10. Rock this Town - Stray Cats

Hope I've been of some help!
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i love to dance and sing to jive music all day long. i the jive music is a really good type of music. a lot of people in the world like to listen to jive music. jive is the na
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