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What are legitimate online work-at-home jobs on the Internet?

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Yes, there are real work at home jobs on the internet. But the ratio of scams to legitimate work at home jobs is estimated at 42 to 1. That means that you have to go through 42 advertisements and only 1 will be legitimate.
Legitimate work-at-home or home-based jobs are obtained the same way as a traditional job. You apply for job that you are qualified for with the necessary skills and knowledge by filling out an application and submitting a resume to obtain an interview for employment.
 Employment scams and Work at home schemesThere are no easy and quick way to make money online. Most advertisements for paid surveys, typing at home, typing ads are scams, to take your money. Claims of making large dollars amounts "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is". Those are the people making money online, they usually are affiliate links, they make a commission selling this information. Beware of ads that promise employment results, many misrepresent services, promote outdated or fictitious job offerings, or charge high upfront fees for services that will not lead to a job. Employment services may use such terms as employment agency, personal placement service, executive search firm, or executive counseling service. Be suspicious of any employment service that promises a job, even if they guarantee refunds. Do not give out your credit card or bank account information. A potential legitimate employer will not request your bank account, credit card or Paypal account number. High-paid job opportunities for people who lack significant experience in a particular field, are virtually nonexistent. Legitimate businesses seeking to fill jobs will not ask for money up front; use post office boxes, instead of physical addresses; make promises of employment and guarantees of refunds; or charge fees for giving you a job. If someone wants money to tell you how to make money online, it's a scam. No legitimate company needs money for someone to work online.

Work at home jobs - there are no easy jobs. The top work at home scams are: stuffing envelopes, data entry, reading email, assembly or craft work, medical billing. Offers of high dollars salaries. If it sound to good to be true, then it is. Never pay a fee for an offer of a job. A legitimate job pays you. A legitimate job offer might need a background check - which you would be required to pay.

Most require some experience or the knowledge of acceptable practices.

Blogging - You can blog on the Internet - create your own blog for free at, create a niche blog with good content and you can monetize with Adsense or affiliate sales. Get paid to blog at allows you to receive a percentage of the revenue, which is generated from advertising associated with content that you post..

Virtual Assistants - work involves administrative duties, travel arrangements, transcription, correspondence, and other services that can be done remotely through email and phone for small business owners and executive-level professionals needing personal assistants. You can work as an independent contract or check these websites: and

Writing Articles - You can get paid to write articles - and are sites that pay, and also have various assignments.

Freelance Work = writing for magazines, publications, newsletters, or newspapers. If you have an interest or knowledge in a particular subject - fashion, food, travel, gardening, beauty -many websites will work with freelancers and need writers for reviews on products or new releases. Contact the editors of the publications Review their writers guidelines and submit samples of your writing. Salary is based upon experience. Editors with experience can look for projects on these sites - and .

Home based customer service agents - among the companies to explore: (freelance researchers)

Work from home resources -

Advice from other contributors:
  • I want to tell you that there is no permanent job is available on the internet. But you can still earn online.I shall prefer you not to invest a single penny online.But you should join those programs or sites that are free and require no membership fee.
  • There are hundreds of free earning sites, but it is very difficult to find sustainable and reliable sites that pay you and do go away.
  • Think for a moment that when you are earning online for free, actually it is not free. Because, you are investing, your time, your energy and doing some task for someone and as a result you are rewarded money. So if you invest your precious time for making money but at the end you find it a scam giving the result zero, it disheartens our believe. So when ever you start earning online, confirm that the program you are joining whether it is trust worthy or not.
  • There are all sorts of websites that can help you along. (message board, telecommuting folder), (on the right there are tons of categories with companies that hire workers from home ongoing and daily job leads, (must register but once you do go on the message board in telecommuting folder and there are all sorts of jobs and help),
  • Depends on your definition of "job".....There are many work at home business "opportunities". There are some types of home jobs that you see advertised like, stuffing envelopes, typing, taking surveys, etc...but from what I have heard, these are mostly not very profitable...
  • Some land based companies are now offering positions to employees to work at home.....Just have to look in classifieds for those...
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