What are little bears pants made of?

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What are pants made of?

Depends on what type of pants. The general material is most likely cotton, leather, polyester, or suede

How are pants made?

most of tyhe time a pattern is drawn then cut out and sewn together in the shape and size of the pants needed

Why doesn't Pooh Bear wear pants?

Most bears do not wear pants - Pooh probably wears a shirt because Christopher Robin wears one, but is too busy having fun with his friends to bother to find a pair of pants.

What is the Big Bear and little bear?

The Big Bear and Little Bear are star constellations. The Big Bear (Ursa Major) contains the constellation known as the Big Dipper and the Little Bear (Ursa Minor) is the Litt

Where were pants made?

Pants are, and were, made all over the world. If you mean where was the first pair of pants made... no one knows because they were first made before recorded history. ... Poss

Why does Corduroy The Bear have buttons on his pants?

Corduroy the Bear has two buttons on his corduroy overalls becausethere are two straps on the overalls. The buttons are used toattach the straps to the overalls so they stay u
In The Three Little Pigs

Did The Three Little Pigs wear pants?

It depends on the illistrator in any particular publication of the story. They have been drawn wearing pants and appearing pantless.