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What are nicknames of LSD?

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Nicknames include a, acid, animal, barrels, battery acid, beast, Big D, black acid, black star, black sunshine, black tabs, blotter, blotter acid, blotter cube, blue acid, blue barrels, blue chairs, blue cheers, blue heaven, blue microdot, blue mist, blue moons, blue star, blue vials, brown bombers, brown dots, California sunshine, cap, chief, chocolate chips, cid, coffee, conductor, contact lens, crackers, crystal tea, cubes, cupcakes, d, deeda, domes, dots, double dome, electric Kool-Aid, fields, flash, flat blues, ghost, God's flesh, golden dragon, goofy's, grape parfait, green double domes, green single domes, green wedge, grey shields, hats, hawaiian sunshine, hawk, haze, headlights, heavenly blue, instant zen, l, lason sa daga, LBJ, lens, lime acid, little smoke, logor, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, lysergide, mellow yellow, mickey's, microdot, mighty Quinn, mind detergent, one way, optical illusions, orange barrels, orange cubes, orange haze, orange micro, orange wedges, Owsley, Owsley's acid, pane, paper acid, peace, peace tablets, pearly gates, pellets, pink blotters, pink Owsley, pink panther, pink robots, pink wedge, pink witches, potato, pure love, purple barrels, purple flats, purple haze, purple hearts, purple ozoline, recycle, royal blues, Russian sickles, sacrament, sandoz, smears, snowmen, squirrel, strawberries, strawberry fields, sugar, sugar cubes, sugar lumps, sunshine, tabs, tail lights, ticket, trip, twenty-five, vodka acid, wedding bells, wedges, white dust, white lightning, white Owsley's, window glass, window pane, yellow, yellow dimples, yellow sunshine, zen, zig zag man
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What is an LSD tab?

A tab is one of the common ways that LSD is stored for use. It is a very small piece of paper that comes off of a larger sheet of paper that has been soaked in LSD and allowed (MORE)

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Who uses LSD?

Who wants to, and can get. There were lots of musician, scientist, painter or other artist who used acid. And of course there are normal people who also take it, for spiritua (MORE)

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What does LSD do?

LSD is a combinations of things that are hard to explain to people who have never taken hallucinogenics, its one of he drugs greatest faults. That you can realize such amazing (MORE)

LSD: Effects on the Body and Mind

LSD is a psychedelic drug that belongs to the ergoline family and is known to alter the thinking process, perception of time and visual experience. This drug is delivered oral (MORE)

The Key to Recovery: Recognizing the Symptoms of an LSD Addiction

LSD is a powerful hallucinogenic drug manufactured from lysergic acid, which is a chemical derived from a type of fungus. Upon taking it, you can experience profound psycholog (MORE)

Common Health Risks Associated With LSD

LSD or lysergic acid diethylamide has many street names like acid or doses. No matter what it is called, it has the same effects on the user: hallucinations, sweating, dilated (MORE)

The Chemical Structure of LSD

Thanks to the counterculture of the 1960s, lysergic acid diethylamide, commonly referred to as LSD, holds the ranking as one of the most recognizable chemicals in existence. P (MORE)

Understanding Addiction: Common Side Effects of LSD Usage

Lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD, is a hallucinogenic drug that gained great popularity in the 1960s. While not quite so common today, LSD is still widely used by substance (MORE)

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How is LSD manufactured?

Green and blue mold is first extracted from a rhy plant and colinized. The ergot is than extracted from the mold and boiled in either. LSD boils to the surface and is than rem (MORE)

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What does an LSD do?

LSD causes delusions and hallucinations. Users may feel increased creative thinking, sensory enhancement, mood lift, subjective feelings of increased awareness and sense of se (MORE)

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Why is LSD not addictive?

In theory LSD can be addictive if a person really really likes taking it, but it doesn't particularly create a physical or psychological dependency to speak of. After taking i (MORE)

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What is LSD?

LSD is a hallucinogenic drug first synthesised by Albert Hofmann. It is usually ingested either through swallowing, or by being held in the mouth, allowing the mucous glands (MORE)

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What are PCP and LSD?

LSD is a mind expanding psychadelic drug. It allows the user to step back from 'conventional' ways of thinking and experience an enhanced consciousness. It often leads to life (MORE)