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"Pros" are the primary positive aspects of an idea, process, or thing; "Cons" are the primary negative aspects.

The term "Pros and Cons" means both the primary positive and negative aspects of an idea, process, or thing, and is often used to clarify or decide whether that idea, process, or thing is mainly positive or mainly negative.

For example, when considering to go for a walk, you may look at the "Pros and Cons" of doing so, and decide whether walking is worth your time and effort or not. Some "Pros" might be that walking is a healthy activity that enhances your mental mindset and physical health. Some "Cons" might be that it requires work and you may get sweaty.

Latin phrase pro et contra, 'for and against', and that it has been in use in the abbreviated form since the 16th century. In other words, it is a well established standard usage.

The pros of logging is that people can get furniture, wood, paper or homes but the cons are that wildlife is killed and forests are destroyed.
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What are the Pros Cons?

Like when people say what are the pros and cons? It means that they want to know the good things and the bad things about something or someone. Its usually so they can make a decision about whether or not something is a good idea or if they are going to do something or not. The pros are the good thi (MORE)

What are the pros and cons of a biology teacher?

A biology teacher can teach people valuable information about life,and how life comes to be. A con would be that the teacher may beboring and turn people off of a very interesting and importantscience.

What are the pros and cons of architecture?

Architecture can be a great career choice. Those considering itshould take into account that architects often work long hours thatinclude evenings and weekends. However, the profession is expectedto have strong growth, and the average yearly salary is around73,000 dollars.

Pros and cons of judaism?

To talk about pros and cons like this would be similar to talking about pros and cons of being Irish. This is purely opinion based, and opens up the door to bigotry.

School uniforms pros and cons?

Pros: Students are not competing with each other for best outfit; no one wears anything that may distract others; no one can tell who is rich and who is poor; no one can wear anything provocative or innappropriate; improves students attendance Cons: Uniforms can be expensive; there is no freedom of (MORE)

What are the pros and cons of colonialism?

Colonialism does not exist!!!! It is false never happened never will happened!!!!! . Colonialism does not exist!!!! It is false never happened never will happened!!!!! . sorry this is a different person adding onto the answer the colonial times were lots of work, and educations were sometines not (MORE)

What are the pros and cons of prohibition?

The pros of prohibition were very limited cases of alcohol relateddomestic violence, limited alcohol poisoning, and limited rapes dueto alcohol. The cons of prohibition were on import and export ofliquor to other countries, lack of alcohol related taxes to theeconomy, and loss of income for those wo (MORE)

Pros and cons of John McCain?

John McCain has some cons: He should stop talking about expanding the military, he was running low on money in 2007, and he has a bad temper sometimes. Some pros: John McCain is the best republican in the country on global warning, he is against torture, He is for the Campaign Finance Reform and he (MORE)

Pros and cons of being a pro drummer?

Pros: Possible Fame Possible High Pay Possible Traveling to "Dream" Destinations Cons: Likely Ear Damage Small Chance the Pros will come true whats' the difference between a drummer & a large pizza? the pizza can feed your family.

What are the Pros and cons of pro soccer?


Pros and Cons of Ready meals?

Pros: Saves a BUNCH of time Cons: Chock full of preservatives, and not nearly as delicious as real home cooked food

What are the Pros and cons of agricultural subsidies?

Pros: - Subsidies would allow for farmers to compete with low-priced foreign imports - Subsidies would keep the cost of goods down - Subsidies would help farmers maintain a steady income, helping to protect them from variations in year-to-year income. (Such as a bad growing year. Some years, there (MORE)

What are the pros and cons about pomeranians?

PROS: . Brave . They can live in an apartment . Don't need lots of exercise . Good Watchdogs . Outgoing . Smart CONS: . Can be pushy . May guard food and toys . Need to be trained or socialized or can be unfriendly

Is Pros and Cons Good For Relationships?

sometimes it can be helpful for someone to be able to look at the situation they are in and judge whether it is good to be in that relationship based on the facts by weighing the pros and cons because sometimes one can get caught up in their emotions and not realize what is actually the right thing (MORE)

What are pros and cons of stereotyping?

the pros are that it is easier to categorize people/countries/races. this can be a lot easier when arranging activities. such as, you wouldn't set up a science trivia game for children who get little education. the cons are that people can treat the stereotyped people exactly as they are stereotyped (MORE)

Pros and cons of static addressing?

Static addressing is when you manually assign an IP address to computers accessing your network. Pros - Managing your networks devices manually can be good for small networks - If devices come into the network and need to be monitored specifically - If you have devices moving in and out of your ne (MORE)

What are the pros and cons of battery farming?

cons: it is cruel to the animals. pros are: it is cheaper More of the product being battery farmed is produced, and for a higher profit. :) When you eat plant foods, all the energy and material from that plant goes straight to your body. If a hen eats the same plant food, and soon it would be killed (MORE)

What are the pros and cons of the annexation of Texas?

Forces favoring admission of http://wiki.answers.com/topic/texas included pro-slavery Southerners & people of all political stripes who feared that Britain was considering an active role in Texas. Opposing annexation were Northerners who objected to the spread of slavery.

What are the pros and cons of westies?

We own two Westies and can tell you many stories of how adorable and loyal these dogs are. They are incredibly smart and easily trained. Like any dog, they learn how to run the house and wiggle their way into your heart. Westie owners are highly loyal to this breed. Westies make suitable lap dogs, b (MORE)

Pros and cons of wave energy?

The pros of wave energy include non-emission of harmful green housegases. It is also renewable and has an enormous energy potential.Its cons, on the other hand, include costs and some environmentaleffects.

What a re the pros and cons to opiates?

Cons: addiction, withdrawl symptoms, unstable emotions, staggering vision/vision problems, changes the way nerves cells work in the brain, long-term users/addicted users cannot control how much they take, and, well..it's a drug. That pretty much says it all! Pros: painkiller/minor tranquilizer for (MORE)

What are the pros and cons of being a singer?

Pro's: Good money, being popular, having tons of ADORING fans, and on top of it all doing something that you love (it you like singing, that is) Con's: Paparazzi, not having "alone time," having tons of vicious rumors spread about you. ANOTHER CON: You cannot pee in public restrooms. Yup.

Pros and cons of animals in entertainment?

Pros: An animal can have a very good life in entertainment, being a mascot, treated well and fed well. It could also stop endangered animals from dieing out. Cons: Animals can be badly treated, kept in small enclosures for their size, beaten, and not fed particularly well if they do not do tricks so (MORE)

What are some pros and cons of Costco?

It is a great store if you have a great, big family and would want to buy grocery in bulks. In comparison, prizes are relatively low than if you buy them in singles. In addition, they sell everything ranging from food to cameras to clothes, so you can get anything for a lower price. Personally, the (MORE)

Whats the pros and cons of gps?

Pros- never have to worry about your ability to arrive at your destination. All you must do is type in the address. Cons- people want to break in your car if they see one.

What are the pros and cons of volcanoes?

Pros Fertile soils Beautiful scenery Potential geothermal energy Water from runoff - typically clean and plentiful Skiing in the winter Hiking in the summer Forest activities (camping, exploring, hunting, fishing) Biodiversity tourism Cons Earthquakes Eruptions Quakes can cause property destruct (MORE)

What are the pros and cons for soda at school?

Pros: --Tastiness. As much as THAT is worth in the terms of health. --It helps to settle upset stomachs. Cons: --Sets a poor example to students as what is appropriate and what not. -- Too many school aged young people have never even tasted unadulterated juice; they need exposure to the rea (MORE)

What are the pros and cons of Mercantilism?

Pros: - promotes independence and imperialism within nations, especially through the cultivation of colonies (allies) - increases nations wealth and security by imposing government intervention and regulation - it results in a more stable economy and country overall Cons: - not very efficien (MORE)

What is the pros and cons of employee monitoring?

Pros: employer can be sure about business data security. Sometimesemployees share important info with the inappropriate contacts. Also, tracking employees productivity is much easier. You can seewhat sites employees visit, what they search for on the Web etc. Cons: employees usually have negative (MORE)

What are Pros and cons of personal sales?

Pros: 1. Direct contact with target customer 2. Higher retention value 3. Specific needs of the customer can be satisfied 4. Long-term relation 5. Attention of customer is ensured 6. Helpful in identifying needs of consumers Cons: 1. Costly 2. Narrow reach

What are the pros and cons of the Mercator projection?

Mercator: Mercator projection works very poorly in polar regions and becomes undefined at the north and south poles . Historically Mercator is interesting because it is one of the oldest map projections to be used. Christopher Columbus used the Mercator projection in his travels to the new world. (MORE)

What are the pros and cons of the immigration laws?

Some pros of the new Arizona immigration law is that hospitals and schools won't get crowded. There could be less kiddnappings. A con is that some people consider it was racial profiling. - by sharde && jamel

What are the pros and cons of d cons?

I assume you mean D-con as an abbreviation for de-contaminant or De-contamination. This falls under the heading of damage control, and is a heavy type of subject. There are what are called De-con guns that somewhat resemble some form of fire extin guishers. They are not fire-control apparatus but ar (MORE)

What are the pros and cons OF Final Cut Pro?

Pros: 1. It should already be installed in Mac Book Pros 2. A good editing tool for Adobe Flash animation as well as Illustrator 3. Easy to figure out after a short time period 4. A better tool to use when dealing with amateur or simple short films Cons: 1. If the film isn't saved to a certain typ (MORE)