What are reasons why people with disabilities should have a service dog?

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Many disabled people would like to lead an independent life without the assistance of a caregiver or family member. An assistance dog can bring medication, a drink to take the medication, open and close doors, call 911, help a disabled person dress and undress, assist with walking with a specialized harness, assist with transfer from one chair to another, retrieve an object from across the room, and more. All of this allows the disabled person to live a more independent life. For more information visit the website of the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners. They have a wonderful list of the tasks that can help a disabled person.
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How should people with disabilities be treated?

just like any other persondisability or not- they are still humans, still have feelings, and should receive the respect they deserve as people if your question is pertaining t

Do you have buses for disabled people services?

If you are disabled, you can apply with your local council for a disability bus pass, you just need a passport pic and it is free too. U just send to council and they will sen

How are dogs trained to be service dogs for the disabled?

Dogs with the temperament to be service dogs are sent through 18-24 months of training. They learn basic and advanced obedience, public access skills and are task trained to a

Can you train a dog on your own to be a service dog for people with disabilities?

Yes, in the U.S. you can. There are presently no requirements under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act as to who may train a service dog, only that it be individually

Can dogs help disabled people?

Yes, they can - they are called Guide Dogs or Therapy Dogs. Most disabled people have dogs that are specially trained to fetch certain items or open doors and such. A lot of p

Where can i find example Letters from doctors written for disabled people with service dogs?

Sample Letter from a doctor (should be on the doctor's letterhead) [date] Dear [Housing Authority/Landlord]: [Full Name of Tenant] is my patient, and has been under my car

Are there grants or funding to help a disabled person to get a service dog?

Some agencies collect corporate donations to pay for the dogs they train. Other than that there is no grants or funding that I know of to help pay for getting a service dog. M

Why do dogs help disabled people?

Look at the categories below for each disability. Blind: If you are blind then the dog is trained to help you cross the street and steer you away so you don't run into people.
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Should disabled people be killed?

It is a question, and saying that it's awful does not answer it. It depends entirely upon your point of view; living in Nazi Germany the popular opinion would have been "yes"
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What should be done with disabled people?

Sympathy should be shown towards disabled people. In present competitive world, we have to help them by all efforts for our own (social, national) shake. It should be kept in
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Are rehabilition services available for people with disabilities?

"There are many rehabilitation services available to people with disabilites, some places are more specialized, such as therapy for learning to walk again, or speech, and ther

How do dogs help disable people?

say if you lived alone and were in a weel chair,they help get things down for you. if your dog is really well trained, the they could get things out of the fridge for you.

What type of Service dogs are for mild mental disabilities?

A Service dog is a dog that performs at least 2 life-savingfunctions and behaves appropriately in public. My son has epilepsyand we are currently training a service dog for hi