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A plasmid is a circular piece of DNA found in some bacteria. Recombinant plasmids are man made with new DNA sequences in them. They can be used theraputically is some medical conditions.
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How are bacterial clones that have picked up the recombinant plasmid identified?

  Answer   The plasmid have a "reporter gene" inside it, generally resistance to specific antibiotic.   the plasmid is transformed into bacteria that don't have

What is recombinant Plasmid?

Recombinant plasmids are engineered plasmid molecules that contain a DNA sequence inserted into it from a foreign source.

How are recombinant plasmids inserted in bacteria?

  There are two main methods: using chemicals and using electricity. A combination of certain solutions, such as calcium chloride, and exposure to particular temperature

How is recombinant plasmid made?

The gene to be replicated is inserted into copies of a plasmid containing genes that make cells resistant to particular antibiotics and a multiple cloning site (MCS, or polyli

What is the difference between the original plasmid and the recombinant plasmid?

Orginal Plasmids are extra chromosomal genetic material present in eukaryotes and some prokaryotes. Recombinant plasmids contain a gene of intrest ie,individual gene carrying

How will you identify cells carrying the recombinant plasmid?

The plasmid must include a genetic marker that allows for selection of recombinant cells. This marker is usually antibiotic resistance, normally ampicillin in bacteria and Gen

How does a recombinant plasmid get into a bacterium?

The recombinant DNA can be inserted into a bacterial cell by a method called transformation/calcium chloride treatment. It is the free uptake of DNA by the competent cell. In
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Why is a plasmid a good way of getting recombinant DNA into a bacteria?

plasmids are very useful in recombinant DNA technology because ; 1. it has own origin of replication. 2.it has some selective markers like ; Amp^r, ter^r etc. 3. it has uniqu
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How is a human gene recombined into a bacterial plasmid?

One of the most common ways these days is from cDNA. RNA is extracted from human cells, purified, and then treated with an enzyme called reverse transcriptase which is able to