What are scene kids like?

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Well scene kids are ALL different, but most are shy, quiet and so on. Most of us just write out all our emotions in poems. Also the due from screaming in most indie/screamo songs is because during the screaming we can let go all our emotions.

WOW u are off man! you are describing emo!!!!! emo and scene are way different ,emo ppl are basicly how that person ontop says, dark and shy. but scene kidz are mostly all colorfull and ravelike with amaizing hair (mostly multycolored) just look it up on you tube

yup. top person is wrong!
person above me is right scene kids are ravelike and colorful
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What is a scene kid?

Scene is a creative new fashion statement, simply because it's anti-fashion! Usually consists of 1 or more colors in the hair, band t-shirts worn habitually, and loud music co

What are scene kids?

Scene kids wear bright colours, have awesome hardcore hairstyles and use slang like HxC, SxE rad Etc.

What do scene kids look like?

Pretty much just ordinary people that like the nicer things in life. they are like emo people but more like punk they have there hair in layers ( girls) and they.Only were t

How can you be a scene kid?

i guess im what you could call a scene kid(: so i can answer this. scene kids are confident but not so confident that they think their better than every other person on the pl

What music do scene kids like?

The most popular band in the stereotypical "Scene Kid" or "Crunkcore Kid" scene is probably Brokencyde (abbreviated BC13). Brokencyde belongs to a genre called "Crunkcore" it

What should you do if your only 12 and would like to be a scene kid?

Ok so at first when i was 11 i found out what the scene fashion was and i started listening to screamo,deathcore and that sort of music.I poofed my hair up and everything that
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What is pricier scene kids or scene queens?

Scene kids and scene "queens" aren't really different. Scene "queens" are scene kids that think they're better then the rest of our scene society. You mostly have to earn it,