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What are some examples of freeware?

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  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera web browser
  • Google Chrome
  • MAME
  • VLC
  • MPlayer
  • Jnes
  • Nestopia
  • OpenOffice.org
  • PuTTY
  • Frostwire
  • Kega Fusion
  • ImgBurn
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Apache web server
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What are some examples for freeware?

Some code has been made publicly available, on the license that those that distribute it are not allowed to charge for it. Most well known is the "GNU" license. if you copy th

What is freeware used for?

Freeware is a software that is made for free and it is not always as great as the software that you would pay for.

Is freeware a copyright?

In freeware, the creator retains copyright; he is merely choosing not to charge for the use of his program.

Is freeware Files Safe?

Lol nope.    Sometimes, sometimes not. All freeware should be treated as  suspicious, and be scanned with a reputable up-to-date anti virus  program.

Can you trust freeware?

Well some freeware applications are better than paid products. For example I get some PDF files at hand and I want to convert PDF to DWG files so that I can open and edit in A

Is utorrent a freeware?

Yes. There is a paid version, but this does not enhance the basic bittorrent features of uTorrent. The paid version adds some other features and is not necessary to use uTor

Does winzip freeware require downloading?

Yes WinZip Freeware does require a download. WinZip is a free download. It can be found with a simple search on the internet. Latest updates are free too.

Why freeware software is free of cost?

Because of the type of copyright on it. However it might not be free if purchased with support contract.

Is WinZip a freeware?

No, you have to bbuy WinZip in order to use it. Nevertheless, it  gives you a 30-days trial period. Though, there are atrernative  programs to WinZip and they are free, like
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How is freeware drifferent shareware?

Freeware is completely free. You can download it and use it forever without paying anything. If, after downloading and using shareware for a short time, you continue to use it

Is freeware files safe to download?

There are some freewares that are safe to download and there are others that are not. To ensure that you computer is safe every time you download a freeware file, just make su
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How to download backup freeware?

One can download software to backup documents, photos and videos from free webpages such as 'tech support alert'. Similarly, one could use webpages such as 'FBackup', for exam