What are some examples of stringed instruments?

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What is the purpose of wrapped strings in some musical instruments?

The purpose of wrapping stringed instruments comes from the  physical properties of waves traveling through a string. Two  formulas can be employed to briefly describe waves (MORE)

What a thicker string has in a string instrument?

Instruments strung with thicker (heavier gauge) strings produce more volume and improved tone. However, the string tension is increased which makes the guitar a little harder (MORE)

What are some string instruments?

The most obvious are violins, violas, cellos and double bases, but I think guitars and harps (...) are considered string instruments as well.
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What are some example of wind instruments?

 Piccolo  Western concert flute  Alto flute  Bass flute  Contra-alto flute  Contrabass flute  Double contrabass flute  Hyperbass flute    Irish flute  Koudi (Ch (MORE)

Names of some string instruments?

Violin, Viola, Viola D'amore, Viola Da Gamba, Violoncello or Cello, Double Bass, Viol, Harp, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Ukelele, Sitar, Shamisen, Dulcimer and many (MORE)

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