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What are some examples of stringed instruments?

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What is a stringed instrument?

An instrument with strings (guitar, cello, violen, banjo, etc)   except a piano which is concidered percussion due to the hammers which hit the strings

Examples of string instruments?

The are many string instruments. Believe or not, piano is a string intruments. we also have the violin family. There is hundred string instruments. In the related links box b

What is the purpose of wrapped strings in some musical instruments?

The purpose of wrapping stringed instruments comes from the  physical properties of waves traveling through a string. Two  formulas can be employed to briefly describe waves

What the instrument have string?

The well known instruments with a string ( or more correctly those belonging to the string section) are: Violin Viola Cello Harp acoustic guitar Double bassElectric bass (All
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What are some example of wind instruments?

 Piccolo  Western concert flute  Alto flute  Bass flute  Contra-alto flute  Contrabass flute  Double contrabass flute  Hyperbass flute    Irish flute  Koudi (Ch