What are some examples of stringed instruments?

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Instruments with strings?

Instruments is the string family include: . Violin . Viola . Cello . Double Bass, string bass . Guitar/lute

Names of some string instruments?

Violin, Viola, Viola D'amore, Viola Da Gamba, Violoncello or Cello, Double Bass, Viol, Harp, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Ukelele, Sitar, Shamisen, Dulcimer and many

What are some string instruments?

The most obvious are violins, violas, cellos and double bases, but I think guitars and harps (...) are considered string instruments as well.

Examples of string instruments?

The are many string instruments. Believe or not, piano is a string intruments. we also have the violin family. There is hundred string instruments. In the related links box b

What did strings on some instruments used to be made out of?

Strings were made of animal gut or natural fibers. Bows for violins and similar instruments were made for horse tail hair and often still are.

What are some examples of a string in programming?

The only example of a string is an array of character data types. The only real difference between string types is the length of each character. For instance, ANSI and UTF-8 s