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What are some examples of stringed instruments?

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You began your career as a street performer in Santa Monica. What was that experience like?

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What is the purpose of wrapped strings in some musical instruments?

The purpose of wrapping stringed instruments comes from the  physical properties of waves traveling through a string. Two  formulas can be employed to briefly describe waves (MORE)

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What a thicker string has in a string instrument?

Instruments strung with thicker (heavier gauge) strings produce more volume and improved tone. However, the string tension is increased which makes the guitar a little harder (MORE)

How to Make Nail and String Art

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Kid Crafts: How to Make Your Own String Doll

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Bizarre Musical Instruments You Won't Believe Are Real

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What are some example of wind instruments?

 Piccolo  Western concert flute  Alto flute  Bass flute  Contra-alto flute  Contrabass flute  Double contrabass flute  Hyperbass flute    Irish flute  Koudi (Ch (MORE)

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What are some examples of chordophones or stringed instruments?

Some instruments that are examples of a chordophone are a piano,  lute, or lyre. A banjo is also an example of a chordophone.
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