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-Invented by George Eastman
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What are some claymation camera tricks?

  This is one I learned myself it's called the sandcurl trick. Look it up on google because i made a video on how to do it. I also made another video on how to do the pudd

What are some digital cameras used for?

Digital cameras are used to take pictures of people, places and things you want to remember. They are also useful for things like; documenting your home's inventory for insura

What does camera?

A doorstop to prevent doors from swinging wildly. A block of something you can use to jam your wheel when you park in an incline. A brick of something you can use to throw

What are some of the best camera brands?

The best brand of camers is usually a matter of opinion, depnding on whose advice you take.  Nikon and Cannon tend to be favourites with the professionals but with changing t