What are some feelings that begin with the letter x?

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What are some adjectives that begin with the letter X?

Such adjectives, derived from Greek, will have the prefix xanth- for yellow colored; xen- for foreign, xer- for dry; or xyl- for wood. X adjectives include: x-rated xanthic - having a yellow colour xanthochromic - having a yellow color such as cerebrospinal fluid containing bile xanthous

What are some sports that begin with the letter X?

The X Games (ESPN competition) Xare (a sport played with a racket) xaliendhs x-games The X Games is an extreme sporting event that includes dirt bikeriding and snowboarding. BMX and Rally are also featured. Well, Cross Country is sometimes abbreviated as "X" Country, the X standing for cross. quoits

What are some rivers that begin with the letter X?

The Xi River in China and the Xun Jiang River in China. xanaes river, also known as segundo river in spanish The Xanaes River in Spain XINGU · Xi River (China) · Xingu River (Brazil) The Xingu River. It's in Brazil and flows North to the Amazon. . xingu river