What are some good Italian names?

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Giovanna, Luigi, Dominic, George
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What are some Italian last names?

I'm Italian. My last name is Carliano. Some others are DiPreta, Napadano, Ragusa, Pagano, and DeSilvio. Hope this helped!

What is 'Good afternoon My name is' in Italian?

Buon pomeriggio, mi chiamo is the Italian equivalent of 'Good afternoon, my name is...'. In the word by word translation, the masculine adjective 'buon' means 'good'. The m

What are some Italian boy names?

Here are some ideas - the top 20 boys names in Italy, 2004. Francesco (fran-chesko) Alessandro Andrea (an-drey-uh) Matteo (mat-tey-oh) Lorenzo Luca Mattia Sim

What are some names of Italian states?

The Duchy of Parma, the GrandDuchy of Tuscany, the Kingdoms of Piedmont-Sardinia and of the TwoSicilies, and the Papal States are examples of some ofItaly's historical states

What is a good name for an Italian colony and why?

La Colonia Italiana is a good name for an Italian colony. It's a good choice, because it's obvious what it means. In the word by word translation, the definite article 'la' m

What are some Italian cafe names?

A lot of Italian cafe are called Cafe dell'Duomo for example. Italian cafe's are named after the street or area you are in. Other cafes will be named after the owner like Cafe

What are names of some Italian musicians?

Andrea is one of them but there are many others. you can google search to find more and here is another one i forgot his first name but his last is Maur.