What are some interesting android apps not typical apps some really cool gaming apps please tell with source?

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very difficult to explore and find cool android gaiming apps. i think air fligt control is the right app for you witch is different, apealing and dose not have any typical element . i just simply love it you can downloaded from android market. i am sharing the source below.
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What are some cool apps?

My top ten favorite apps that i have are....... 1. city story 2. virtual families 3. mall party 4. tap resort 5. applets 6. nightclub story 7. paradise island 8. tap zoo 9. d

What are some cool apps for an ipod touch?

app trailers is a really good app it lets you watch vids and earn points then with those points you can get itunes vouchers and other cool stuff for 250 extra points use

What are some cool iPod apps?

bubble snap coocking mama deal or no deal angry birds lite facebook farmville fs5 hockey idp google earth tat tap revenge 4 jrnga hoggy ski jumping l

How do you get apps on android?

You can download and install apps through Google's Play Store, which offers the largest collection of Android apps available. The Play Store comes pre-installed on all license

What are some good apps for android?

For games I would recommend angry birds very fun and some versions are free For networking I would download anti (android network toolkit) with very good features There ar

What are Android apps?

Android apps are applications designed to run on your Android device, not an Apple device. These apps include games, music, business, video, and more.
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What are some cool games or apps for the iPod?

COD zombies is pretty good - also there is one called N.O.V.A which is like HALO, and there's a version of battlefield 2: bad company too (it's a bit laggy though). hope this

What are some cheap and fun android apps?

Android has over 50 apps available for their users. Some of the apps that are fun and affordable are Robo Defense, Sky Map, and Pandora. Farm Frenzy is another popular fun a
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Which apps are cool math games?

Maybe any app that is a math game is cool, since practicing math is great. Super spiro, Rocket Math, Snail Bob, My Math and Math Bubble Popper are all cool apps which test sim