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What are some nursing interventions of hypoxia?

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1. Oxygenate - nasal cannula or mask
2. Place in high fowlers position
3. Rest
4. Medicate as ordered
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What are some nursing interventions for patients with left ventricular hypertrophy?

There are many, depending on the stage of the patient's related conditions. Some are: Provide positioning with the head of bed the elevated (Fowler's position). Give adequ

What is the nursing intervention of DVT?

DVT=deep vein thrombosis, most often occuring in the legs or pelvis. The affected part should be elevated to promote venous drainage, heat may be applied for comfort and to in

What are the nursing interventions for patients with Tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis (TB), is an infection caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria. Pulmonary TB is spread through these airborne bacteria. Symptoms are persistent cough, fever,

What is the nursing interventions of Congenital hypothyroidism?

  Assess the patient for manifestations of hypothyroidism an dresponse to therapy (eg: mental status, quality of skin and hair, subnormal temperature, bracycardia, respira

What are nursing intervention of hypotension?

1. Elevate the legs of the person by placing pillow below the feet or if in a hospital setting place the client in trendelenburg position.   2. promote client's safety 3.

Nursing interventions in leptospirosis?

  Difficult question:   To answer this I'll need to discuss the disease a little. Leptospirosis is a complex bacterial disease with strong zoonotic properties (i.e. it

What is the nursing intervention for hyperlipidemia?

Instruct on various lifestyle changes such as increased fiber in  diet, exercise, weight loss, nutritional counseling, adequate  management and control of additional co morb

What is nursing intervention for patient with sunburn?

the pt should be first brought in a cooler area,there must be dehydration so water should be provided,the area of sunburn should be clean with normal water to avoid further re

What are nursing interventions for paralytic ileus?

In cases of paralytic ileus, it is of paramount importance to ensure the patient is receiving adequate hydration and nutrition. Decompression treatment is often employed to at

What are some nursing interventions for Jehovah witness patient?

This would depend on the medical condition of the patient. Jehovah's Witnesses accept all kinds of medical treatement as long as it does not conflict with what they regard as
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What are nursing interventions?

Nursing interventions are things that nurses do in caring for patients. This includes communications, therapies and treatments, procedures, and other things. Nursing Interve
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What are the nursing interventions for chickenpox?

The Nursing interventions for chickenpox would include increasing  fluid intake, good diet, ensuring that medications should be taken  and that the patient is isolated to pr