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What are some online games that don't need an email?

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Well there is binweevils.com
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What are some free massive multiplayer online role playing games that need no download and no email?

1: Sherwooddungeon.com 2:epicduel.com 3:runescape.com Nodownload Required for any of them and totally free and no email and I have been a member of sherwood for 2months runes

Where is don't forget the lyrics online game at?

    There Is One That You Can Play,But You Have To Make A MemberShip..Total RipOff.     Thats All I got   -----------------------     I found a pretty

What are some good online games that are free and you don't have to download?

get on play R.com there are the classics in Pokemon like the special pikachu version aka yellow version where u get to start out with a pikachu and he follows u around out of
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What games online don't need flash player?

I Only Know A Few which are mainly for Animals lovers (Like Me   ChickenSmoothie < wierd name but really cool if you are into collecting and trading   Howrse< as in the

Are there online games which don't need membership?

Games such as Team Fortress 2 and some other games on steam are great, some you have to pay for, but you dont need a membership, just create an account for free, its a great s