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What are some online games that don't need an email?

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Well there is binweevils.com
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What are some free massive multiplayer online role playing games that need no download and no email?

1: Sherwooddungeon.com 2:epicduel.com 3:runescape.com Nodownload Required for any of them and totally free and no email and I have been a member of sherwood for 2months runes

What are fun games like Runescape that you can play online on a Mac and that you don't need an email address to play the game is free and I don't have to download?

Answer: Nope sorry, the only one that fits all those is Runescape. Answer: Note that Runescape uses Java, so you can also play it on a Macintosh. On the other hand, you

What games online don't need flash player?

I Only Know A Few which are mainly for Animals lovers (Like Me\nChickenSmoothie < wierd name but really cool if you are into collecting and trading\nHowrse< as in the name it