What are some problem of using computer?

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some problems of using computers are:

- if you're an adult, and have children, they might see unwanted contents or things on the internet

- if your computer is unprotected, or doesnt have a protection software, then it might make you say "such a waste" because virus might worm through the system

- for researching, some answers you're looking for might not be that reliable and accurate most of the time

- it takes a lot i mean extravagant amount of energy from your outlet! idk i just guessed
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What are some advantages of using computers?

This is a loaded question with many potentially right answers. The potential advantages for using a computer depend closely on the intended use. Given a few potential uses, here are some of my thoughts: For writing: . Quick entry . Easy to edit and restructure . Many tools to produce various kin (MORE)

What are the problems faced while using computers and their solution?

Computers are the most commonly used modern invention of the 21st century. You can find computers in every household and every office across the world. Computers essentially make our lives easier, however, simplification of life often come with some complications. It is important to realize that c (MORE)

What are some advantages of using a computer?

You can get answers faster and there are more references to the answer. Looks like a homework question. Here is my opinion. . Speed . Accuracy . Computations of millions of data . Less paper . Ability to retain data and information for years . Global communication . Transfer of information (MORE)

What are the common problems in the use of computer?

The normal computer problems that users come across should be: 1.PC Slowdown Suddenly 2.Lockups and Freezeups Frequently 3.Problems Logging onto the Web 4.System is out of date 5. Driver problem 6. Uninstall/install problems 7. Spyware/virus infection

What are some places where a computer is used?

Computers are used in many places: . schools . colleges . banks . hospitals . railway stations . airports . children's museums . tax accounting offices . at construction projects . doctors' offices . cars . stock trading offices . computer shops . houses . malls

What are some of the uses of a computer?

Computers can be used for typing and word processing, database entry, photo editing, video editing, surfing the internet, communications, watching video / movies, playing games, 3D modeling and design, to control machinery, and as a web server.

What are some problems with computers?

There are many problems with modern day computers, many of whichare easily fixed. One is the computer acting slow or sluggish. Thiscan usually be fixed by cleaning it up internally as well asremoving some unused stuff. Another problem is attachments from theinternet not working. This is fixed by dow (MORE)

How can computer help us solve problems?

Computers help us get our work done faster. They help us find information, and they help us speed up the process of writing. They can also help meet new people and new friends. You can play games until you get to a certain age, then you will probally lose interest in them.

Why computer are useful for solving problems?

Computers are useful as you can use it to communicate to each other remotely, like for example if your family is to far away from you you can talk to them and send a message or us msn to communicate and if we don't have computer we cant do our homework that easy or you could just read a book to find (MORE)

What are the steps involved in problem solving using computer program?

There are seven main steps to follow when trying to solve aproblem. These steps are as follows: . Define and Identify the Problem . Analyze the Problem . Identifying Possible Solutions . Selecting the Best Solutions . Evaluating Solutions . Develop an Action Plan . Implement the Soluti (MORE)

What do you do when your computer has problems?

Me, I fix them be it software or hardware. If I don't know how to I learn by buying books, search the web, talk to others who know and learn more. If that's not what you want to do then it would be good to know someone good at working on computers and ask if they can fix your problem. If they are wi (MORE)

What are some problems with land use?

Jetports, petroleum refineries, offshore tanker depots, drilling rigs, nuclear power stations, high-voltage transmission lines, dams, shopping centers, and housing developments.

Why do computers have problems?

Computer's have problems because they are made by people. People are not perfect but can work out problems to a desired result. Computers do what they are told. Even still, in electronics there are still things that are not fully understood about electricity and how it actually works. Understanding (MORE)

What were the problems computers had?

well some problems computers have had were the premo scepto which is when a computer blows out its control panel inside of the computer , also there is a vinched topee which is when the computer explodes

What is a problem in the computer?

All those extras you have can slow down your computer or glitich it up. Also when you are done using internet turn off your wireless card on your router or unplug your motem. IF YOUR INTERNET IS TURNED ON ALL THE TIME THEN YOU CAN GET SPYWARE OR TROJENS OR SOMEONE CAN HACK YOUR COMPUTER. IF YOUR IN (MORE)

Why are computer languages used for problem solving?

A programming language is a systematic notation by which we describe computational process. Computational process means steps for solving a problem. Understanding of computer software is imperfect without a basic knowledge of programming language. Programming language allow the programmers a (MORE)

What are some important uses of the computer?

Well without a computer we couldnt go on social networking sites like facebook twitter, myspace ect. we also couldnt research easily or keep in touch with friends and family easliy over email or face talk

How can the use of the computers cause public safety problems?

If you use computers while driving, you could become distracted an get into a collision with another vehicle or harm a pedestrian. Besides using them in the wrong place or at the wrong time, deliberate misuse of computers can cause safety problems as well. Cyberbullying can lead to suicide and heal (MORE)

What are some uses of a computer?

Some users of the computer could be as simple of making a text document. Online banking. The computer could be used to view websites.

What was the problem with using valves in computers?

Reliability and heat were the main problems. Valves were fragiledevices that, due to the relatively primitive way they weremanufactured, failed pretty quickly. In addition to that, they gaveoff vast amounts of heat. This meant they needed expensiveair-conditioning systems to keep their temperature d (MORE)

What are the 3 things you can identify to start solving a problem using a computer program?

Identify the problem. Determine which task your program is intended to fulfil. Always consider existing solutions and any potential patent infringements. . Identify the user. If the program is for your own use only, then you can largely eliminate those aspects that are of little or no concern to (MORE)

What was the problem with computers?

Computers have many flaws and problems, with the first and mostimportant one being the fact that they will never be able tooperate at the level the human brain does. Other problems includesthe fact that they are machines and machines are prone to breakingdown or not functioning in the way it is supp (MORE)

What was the problem with using valves in computer?

The main problem with valves is their reliability. A secondaryproblem is the sheer size. Not only are transistors far morereliable, they are very much smaller by several orders ofmagnitude. To get some idea of the scale, the valve equivalent of a32 GB iPhone would be bigger than the average family h (MORE)

What are some important uses of computers?

We can learn different languages and different subjects moreeasily using different interactive software. . Institution are using computers for keeping their records. . Trading is done before the screen of the computer. . Banks are using computers to maintain accounts andtransactions. . Online (MORE)

What Problems using valves in computer?

Valves had a habit of generating vast amounts of heat - needingexpensive cooling systems to keep the temperature at a workinglevel. They were also very fragile - and brooke easily.