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Slang terms for testicles include:

balls, bells, bollocks, cods, cojones, Cracker Jacks, cullions, family jewels, gems, gonads, hanging brain, junk, kerbangers, knackers, love spuds, man tonsils, manjigglies, marbles, mountain oysters, nads, nuggets, nuts, nut sack, ornaments, package, pelotas, plums, rocks, sack, stones, tenders, two veg.

Please note that junk usually refers to the penis as well and that package refers to penis and testes together. Sack actually refers to the scrotum, but some use it to collectively refer to what is inside (the testes) as well.
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What are some slang words for money?

Slang for money American slang, bill-specific C-note, Benjamin ($100), Jackson, twankie, double sawbuck ($20), sawbuck ($10), fin ($5), buck ($1) American - General Bucks, bills, dollas, cash, paper, greenbacks, moolah, scratch, scrip (usually not legal tender), green, long green, cabbage, kale, lettuce, loot, dough, potatoes (usually pronounced puhtaytuhs), bread, bacon, clams, one large ($100), Fin (Five) Cheese, Cheddar. dead presidents British Dosh (cash/money), wonger (money, chiefly heard in London) Australian Coin, Shrapnel, Chinese dayang, chaopiao, rmb, piaozi Spanish billuya, plata, billete, palos, lana, billegas. . .

What are some sports slang words?

We could be here sometime... In baseball they would call 2nd base 2, and 3rd, 3 and so on In soccer a nutmeg is passing the ball between the player's legs. Birdy, eagle, albaltross and falcon are strokes in golf, bogey is a penalty shot.

What are some 50's slang words?

Agitate the gravel - to leave , or exit Ankle-biter - a child or extremely small person Ape - to explode from anger Bash - great party Bobbed - shortened Cat - a "hip" person Circled - married Cooties - imaginary infestations of the truly "un-cool" Cream - badly damage Cut the gas - Be quiet! Dolly - cute girl Dig - to approve Duck Butt or D.A. - Hairstyle of greasers where hair in back is combed to the middle Fake out - a bad date Fat City - a great thing or place; Happy Fream - someone who doesn't fit in Greaser - a guy with tons of grease in his hair, which later came to describe an entire group of people. (yes, John Travolta in Grease.) Heat - police Horn - telephone Jacketed - going steady, dating Kookie - nuts, in the nicest possible way Lighter - a crew cut Make the scene - to attend an event or activity Nosebleed - an insult Paper shaker - cheerleader Pile up Z's - get some sleep

What are some slang words from 1954-1995?

That's a lot of years there. And a lot of years equals a lot of words. I'm gonna give you a few interesting ones and then I'm gonna give you a few links so you can find more yourself. It's always better to teach someone to fish than to give him or her a fish [if one can learn to fish ones self one can fish forever while a single fish is gone in a flash]. Here: bad news: depressing person bake biscuits: to make records flutter bum: a good-looking boy hipster: same as above (hip)

What are some computer slang words?

some slang words are: lol= laugh out loud rofl= rolling on the floor laughing omg= oh my god jk= just kidding smh= scrathes my head or shakes my head from, brittani p.s. if yhu hav a meez add me my name is brittani_9154 ducez

What are some Aussie slang words?

Sheila - a woman . She's apples! - Everything's OK. . G'day mate - Hello, Hi... . Pisspot - a drunk

What are some hood slang words and what do they mean?

There are many hood slang words. Some of these are beef, meaningserious trouble, crib, meaning your home, whack, meaning not good,and peep, meaning friend.

What are some slang words from the 1940's?

ADAM AND EVE ON A RAFT--resturant slang for bacon and eggs with toast.. ADAM AND EVE ON A RAFT AND WRECK UM--same as above but with scrambled eggs.. All Wet - Describes an erroneous idea or individual, as in, "he's all wet.". Applesauce - an explative; same as horsefeathers, As in "Ah applesauce!". Big Cheese - The most important or influential person; boss. Same as big shot.. Bluenose - An excessively puritanical person, a prude, Creator of "the Blue Nozzle Curse.". Broad- Woman, Dame. Bump Off - To murder, To kill.. Carry a Torch - To have a crush on someone.. Cat's Meow - Something splendid or stylish; The best or greatest, wonderful.. Darb - An excellent person or thing (as in "the Darb" - a person with money who can be relied on to pay the check).. Dame- A Woman. Drugstore Cowboy - a guy that hangs around on a street corner trying to pick up girls.. Dumb Dora - a stupid female.. Fall Guy - Victim of a frame.. Flat Tire - A dull witted, insipid, disappointing date. Same as pill, pickle, drag, rag, oilcan.. Frame - To give false evidence, to set up someone.. Hard Boiled - a tough, strong guy.. Heebie-Jeebies - The jitters.. High-Hat - To snub.. Hoofer - Dancer.. Horsefeathers - an explative; same usage as applesauce.. Hotsy-Totsy - Pleasing.. Jalopy - Old car.. Keen - Attractive or appealing.. Kisser - Mouth.. Line - Insincere flattery.. Lounge Lizard - a horny dog.. Moll - A gangster's girl.. Pinch - To arrest.. Pushover - A person easily convinced or seduced.. Ritzy - Elegant (from the hotel).. Scram - Ask someone to leave immediately.. Soitently- Sure!. Spiffy - An elegant appearance.. Spread Out!- Get out of the way! Give me some room! Stop crowding me!. Stuck On - Having a crush on.. Swanky - Ritzy.. Swell- Wonderful.. Wise guy- A Smart Aleck. Whoopee - To have a good time.. GAMS-a woman's legs. PUTTIN' ON THE RITZ--to get fancy with your dress or demeanor. STOOL PIGEON--a person who tattles on his friends. STOOLIE--same as a stool pigeon

What are some slang words for relax?

Chill, loosen up, hang loose, breathe easy, calm down, cool off, knock off, simmer down, unlax, cool out, cool it, lay back, soft-pedal

What are some slang words from the 1920's?

1920's Slang Words . and how! - I agree . all wet - totally wrong . attaboy or attagirl - great job! (From "That's a boy!") . baby - a term of endearment . balled up - messed up . baloney - nonsense . beef - a problem . bent or blotto - drunk . bimbo - a tough guy . darb - great . dogs - feet . doll - an attractive woman . dope - drugs . dough - money . gams - legs . gay - happy - never used as slang for homosexual . get-up - an outfit, clothing . goof - an oaf . goofy - in love . grungy - jealous . grummy -depressed . high hat - a snob . hip to the jive - trendy . jack - money . jake - great . jalopy - a dumpy old car . john - a toilet . joint - an establishment . keen - appealing . kill-joy - someone who refuses to enjoy themselves at a party . line - a false story or lie . lollapalooza - a humdinger or wonderful time . live wire - lively person . milquetoast - a timid person . mazuma - money . nifty - great . nookie - sex . oh yeah! - I doubt it's true! . pill - an unlikable person . piffle - nonsense . quiff - a woman who has sex with many men . razz - to make fun of . rats! - how disappointing! . regular - normal, average . rummy - a drunk . sap - a fool or idiot . shiv - a knife . skirt - a woman . spill - to talk . swanky - elegant . tasty - appealing . tight - attractive . upstage - snobby . vamp - to flirt with or seduce . wet blanket - a kill-joy . whoopee - wild fun . beat your gums - talk idly . beat it! - get out of here . don't know from nothing - doesn't have any information . don't take any wooden dimes - don't get cheated . get a wiggle on - start moving . I have to see a man about a dog! - I need to leave now (usually to buy illegal alcohol) . knows his onions - knows his business . left holding the bag - to be blamed for something . mind your potatoes - mind your own business . now you're on the trolley! - now you've got it! . puttin' on the Ritz - doing something in style . so's your old man - an exclamation of irritation . take someone for a ride - to drive someone to an isolated spot and kill them . tell it to Sweeney! - tell it to someone who cares! . what's eating you? - what's wrong? . you slay me! - that's really funny! The Roaring Twenties were also a time when people invented nonsensical fad phrases meaning "excellent" - at one time, nearly everyone made up their own silly phrases, but some of them have survived to modern day, including: The bee's knees, the cat's meow, the cat's pajamas, the elephant's eyebrow, the eel's hips, and don't forget the caterpillars' whiskers, my personal favorite. Some others : Applesauce: an expletive. Bank's closed: no kissing or making out. Blind date: going out with someone you don't know. Butt me: I'll take a cigarette. Cash or check: kiss now or later? Crush: infatuation. Daddy: a young woman's boyfriend/lover, especially if he is rich. (sugar daddy) Dapper: a Flapper's dad Dolled up: dressed up Double cross: to cheat, stab in the back. Flapper: a stylish, brash hedonistic young woman with short skits and short hair. Fly boy: a glamorous term for an aviator. Glad rags: going out on the town clothes. Gold digger: a woman who associates with or marries a man for his wealth. Hair of the dog: a shot or liquor. Hooch: bootleg liquor. Hood: hoodlum. Java/Joe: coffee Joint: a club, usually selling alcohol. Ossified/spifflicated: a drunken person. Also, canned, corked, tanked, primed, jazzed, plastered, lit, fried to the hat. Tomato: an attractive female Upchuck: to vomit when you have drunk too much.

What are some 1940's slang words?

People used slang words in the 1940's. Of course now those termssound funny and ancient, but a few examples are, Ace, bust rocks,chopper, fuddy-duddy, and lulu.

What are some slang words from the 40s?

Alligator- swing fans or dancers . Ameche- to telephone . B.Y.T.- bright young thing . Bag- to shoot down a plane . Barouche- car, jalopy . Brainchild- someone's creative idea . . Bunny- to chat . . Cast an eyeball- look around . . City slicker- dandy from the city . . Corny- unimportant, passé . . Cozy- comfortable . . Creep- despicable person . . Darby- something good . . Dead hoofer- poor dancer . . Dig- like . . Dillinger- fantastic . . Drag a hoof- dancer . . Drape- clothes, suit . . Duchess- girl . . Eager Beaver- enthusiastic helper . . Fade- leave . . Fifth avenue- high class . . Frolic- dance . . Frolic pad- nightclub . . Fuddy-duddy- old-fashioned person . . Gammin'-strutting, showing off . . Ginned up- dressed up . . Gobbledygook- double talk, long speech . . Gone with the wind- run off (with money) . . Got your boots on- understand what's happening . . Grandstand- to show off . . Grotty- new but useless . . Ground grippers- shoes . . Have a ball- have a good time . . Hep cats- swing music lovers, dancers (male) . . Hep kittens- swing music lovers, dancers (female) . . Hi-de-ho- hello . . Hincty- snobby . . Hopper- Lindy Hop dancer . . Hoof- dance . . In cahoots with- conspiring with . . In the groove- very good . . Jump- sing dance . . Kicks- shoes . . Lettuce- money . . Niftic- good, sharp . . Off-time jive-bad manners, incorrect . . Old hat- out dated . . Pass the buck- pass responsibility for . . Pennies from heaven- easy money . . Pulleys- suspenders . . Rug cutters- dancers . . Scene- situation . . Smooth- good, agreeable . . Stompers- shoes . . Striders- trousers . . Threads- clothes . . Togged to the bricks- wearing best clothes . from: http://www.newberry.k12.sc.us/mchs/htm/40's%20Slang.htm.

What is some slang words for Buddy?

Buddy IS slang. It means a friend or just a man. Some other terms for "hey you" include pal, amigo, partner, and chum.

What are some slang words for mom?

Mom IS a slang term for mother. Other slang ways of saying "mother" would be Mum, Ma, Mama, Mamacita, The Maternal Unit, The Matriarch t lady(top lady)

What are some slang words in runescape?

I have placed a link below that should take you to a site that should have the answers you seek.

What are some slang words for jewels?

A jewel is a precious stone, which is cut and polished from atranslucent or hard lustrous mineral. Some slang for jewels are:bling bling, dime, grill, ice, rock and kandi.

What are some slang words for MSN?

cba- carnt be arsed cbb - carnt be boverd o.m.g - oh my good ttfn -ta ta for now brb - be right back j.w-just wondering j.a-just asking theres lots more but there just common ones so yeah help this helped

What are some slang words for cash?

Cash IS a slang word! Some other terms for money include: paper dough green coin folding stuff dosh lolly spondullas dead presidents clams moola/moolah bread lucre/filthy lucre

What are some slang words for butt?

In the first place, butt is a slang word for buttocks. Some other terms for your buttocks are: -Bottom -Booty -Duke -Donk -Badonkadonk (Only for really big butts) -A*s (vulguar word for butt)

What are some slang words for feces?

Slang words for feces are as follows... Poop, crap, s**t, turds, baby ruths, dump, droppings, dung, dingleberries, chocolate hotdogs, Lincoln logs, floaters, ca-ca, human waste, doo-doo, poo-poo, poopies, good old #2, brown baby boy, fudge, a steamer, a plop, a load, a pile and many more...

What are some slang words from the 1950's?

1950s Slang Words . actor - show-off . baby - term of endearment . cool - impressive or popular . bash - party . blast - a good time . square - someone who is not fashionable or "with it" . boss - great . cat - a hip person . cool it - relax . Clyde, Daddy-O - terms of address for a guy . dig - to understand . drag - either a short race or a boring situation . flick - a movie . flip - to freak out . greaser - someone who uses a lot of hair grease . jets - brains, intelligence . like wow, or like crazy - better than cool! . make-out - a kissing/petting session . nerd - same as modern meaning . no sweat - no problem . -ville added to a slang term - Nowheresville, Squaresville, etc - used to describe a place in slang terms . pad - home . peepers - glasses . pooper or party pooper - no fun at all . put down - to insult . rap - to tattle on someone . real gone - either unstable or very much in love . righto - OK . shot down - failed . sounds - music . spaz - someone who is uncoordinated . split - leave . threads - clothes . tight - good friends . weed - a cigarette . wet rag - someone who is a bore

What are some slang words for potatoes?

Here are some slang terms for potatoes: . Spuds . Taters . Murphy . Tots

What are some slang words from the outsiders?

Greasers= a gang of kids who live on the west side of town and aren't wealthy. They are more loyal to themselves and sentimental. Socs (Socials) -Group of merciless rich kids who live on the west side of town, and get enjoyment out of beating up greasers. Souped-up= revved up old cars weed= a cigarette soused= drunk broad= a girl tuff= cool, popular in style beef= in a fight, misunderstanding, disagreement bawling= crying hysterically savvy- understand heater= a gun rep= an abbreviation for reputation pop= soda hacked-off= mad at or angry trap= mouth (ex. "Shut your trap") rolled- jumped, mugged fuzz= the police hoods= similar to greasers, but in Ponyboy's view they're more trouble-making, like Dally. loot= money dreamy= attractive a woofin' -complaining cancer stick-cigarette stoned- drunk rumble- fight bopper- fight dig- understand ex. ("You dig, Ponyboy?") hot- stolen

What are some 1960's slang words?

lay it on me means tell me your idea the man means the person in charge pig is a derogatory term for police officer

What are some vintage slang words?

This is a very broad question - please click on one of the related questions to look for slang from each decade.

What are some new slang words?

Mad= (very, refer to as alot) Im mad hungry , Its mad hot outside Set= (house) Imma be in my set all day Macking= (To relax or to hangout) Im macking on 156 street 40= (to go crazy , or be wild) She just went 40 on her man Jawn= (a female) These jawns are boring Def= (Definately) Im def going to that party tonight breeze= (to run away quickly) When i saw my ex, i breezed the boys= (The police) The boys been scoping us all day haaaaan= (a sound to show excitment) I got stacks haaaaan ! cuffin= (to date or to be a boyfriend/girlfriend) Im cuffin with Brianna Well there is Fuzz wich means Police Weed=drugs Cancer stix=cigarette Tuff=cool/lushy and awsome hoodlum=street walker greaser=poor people Soc= the socials or popularie group rummble=fight

What are some slang words from the 1940s?

Stompers and lettuce were two slang words from the 1940s. Stomperswere shoes, and lettuce was money. Some other slang words andphrases from that time include chrome dome, hen fruit, and take apower.

What are some slang words from the 1910's?

The more questions I answer, the more wonderfully interestingresources I find. I started answering slang questions about decadesI remembered--but I don't remember, sadly, say, 1911. For that,there's Google. And more. I'm gonna leave you a link to this resource at the bottom of thispost. I found both its material and its organization somethingclose to top drawer. I hope you do come back, read this answer, andfind the link. It's good, by the way, for a lot of other decadestoo. In the interim, here are a few pieces of slang I foundthereupon--to whet your appetite for more: new slang words 1910s: the word jazz the phrase [as first used] the acid test the phrase come hell or high water the phrase a fate worse than death to see red to bone up on something the phrase tall, dark and handsome grease monkey aw shucks don't mind if I do tennis, anyone? "your a goon" is a good one to tell to a friend Some slang from 1910 is rotten, ripping, right ho!

What are some slang words for 10 dollars?

Sawbuck: A sawbuck is typically another name for a sawhorse; in particular one which, at each end, has a crossed pair of legs. It is also slang for a ten-dollar bill as older versions of this particular bill incorporated "X", which is the Roman numeral for the number ten. The slang term came into use as the numeral resembles the end of a sawhorse.

What are some slang words for fat?

tubby, spare tire, shade in the summer, warmth in the winter, portly, stocky, stout, chubs, potbelly

What are some slang words for genitals?

Slang for Penis: Schlong, Dong, Junk, Rumple Foreskin, Purple Headed Yogurt Slinger, Pedro. Knob, Love Gun, Jumbo McCockington. Slang for Vagina: Meat Curtains, Moose Knuckle, Camel Toe, Snatch, Clam, Fur Burger, Beaver, Bush, Cooze, Cellar Door, Vertical Smile, Pussy, Pink Palace, Tunnel of Love, Squeezebox.

What are some slang words from the 2000s?

Gay Fail Epic fail Epic Fasho Fershizle What up Yerp Snarf Meh Whatevz Lol Omg Douche-baggery Idc Idk Ftw Imao Balls

What are some slang words beginning with b?

1. B i- Bye. 2. B /c- Because. 3. B /g- Background. 4. B 2u- Back to you. 5. B 2w- Back to work.

What were some slang words used in the 1930s?

Abercrombie . A know-it-all. Abyssinia . I'll be seeing you. Aces, snazzy, hot, nobby, smooth, sweet, swell, keen, cool . Very good. All the way . Chocolate cake or fudge with ice cream. All wet . No good. Ameche, horn, blower . Telephone. Apple . Any big town or city. Babe, broad, dame, doll, frail, twist, muffin, kitten . Woman. Baby . Glass of milk. Bean shooter, gat, rod, roscoe, heater, convincer . Gun. Beat . Broke. Behind the grind . Behind in one's studies. Big house, hoosegow . Prison. Bleed . to extort or blackmail. Blinkers, lamps, pies, shutters, peepers . Eyes. Blow your wig . Become very excited. Booze, hooch, giggle juice, mule . Whiskey. Brodie . A mistake. Brunos, goons, hatchetmen, torpedoes, trigger men . Hired gunmen and other tough guys. Bulge . Having the advantage. Bumping gums, booshwash . Talk about nothing useful. Butter and egg fly, hot mama, sweet mama, sweet patootie, dish, looker, tomato . An attractive woman. Butter and egg man . The money man, the man with the bankroll. Buzzer . Police badge. Cabbage, lettuce, kale, folding green, long green. . color of money. Cadillac . One ounce packet of cocaine or heroin. Canary . A female vocalist. Cats or alligators . Fans of swing music. Cave . One's house or apartment. Check or checker . A dollar. Chicago overcoat . Coffin. Chicago typewriter, chopper, gat . "Tommy Gun", Thompson Submachine Gun. Chisel . Swindle, cheat, work an angle. Cinder dick . Railroad detective. City juice, dog soup . Glass of water. Clam-bake . Wild swing. Clip joint . Night club or gambling joint where patrons get flimflammed. Copper . Policeman. Crumb . A fink, a loser by social standards. Crust . To insult. Curve . Disappointment. Cute as a bug's ear . Very cute. Dead hoofer or cement mixer . Bad dancer. Dick, shamus, gumshoe, flatfoot . Detective. Dig . Think hard or understand. Dil-ya-ble . A phone call. Dingy . Silly. Dizzy with a dame . Very much in love with a woman, sometimes at great risk to themselves, especially if she's someone else's moll. Dog house . String bass. Doggy . Well dressed but in a self conscious way. Dollface . Name for a woman when a man is pleading his case or apologizing. Doss . Sleep. Drilling, plugging, throwing lead, filling someone with daylight, giving someone lead poisoning . Shooting a gun (at someone). Drumsticks, pins, pillars, stems, uprights, get away sticks, gams . Legs. Dukes, paws, grabbers, meat hooks . hands. Egg . A crude person. Egg harbor . Free dance. Eggs in coffee . Run smoothly. Evil . In a bad mood. Face . A Caucasian. Fem, filly, flame, flirt, fuss . Constant girl companion to a boy. Five spot, a Lincoln . $5 bill. Genius . An extremely, unbelievably, dumb persons. Gin mill . Place that serves liquor, sometimes illegally. G-man . Federal agent, term coined by Machine Gun Kelly . Gobble-pipe . Saxophone. Golddigger . Attractive young woman actively hunting for a rich man. Greaseball, half portion, wet smack, wet sock, jelly bean . Unpopular person. Grifter . A con man or woman. Gumming the works . To cause something to run less smoothly. Gunsel . Gunman with a hint toward being a reckless loose cannon or young homosexual (insult). Hard boiled . Tough. Hocks, plates . Feet. Honey cooler . A kiss. Hop, rag, jolly up, romp, wingding . Dance or party. Hotsquat . Electric chair. House dick, house peeper . House detective. Joe . A average guy. Joed . Tired. Juicy . Enjoyable. K balling . Salvaging parts from junked rail cars to rebuild others. Keen . Very Good. Kibosh . Squelch. Kippy . Neat. Low down . All the information. Lunger . Someone with tuberculosis. Make tracks, dangle . Leave in a hurry, leave aburptly. Meat wagon . Ambulance. Micky, Micky Finn . Drink spiked with a knock out drugs. Mitt me kid! . Congratulate me. Moll . A gangster's girlfriend. Murder! . Wow!. Nuts! . Telling someone they are full of nonsense. Okie . Migrant worker from Oklahoma. Off the cob . Corny. Packing heat, wearing iron . Carrying a gun. Pally . Friend, chum, sometimes used sarcasticly. Patsy . Innocent man framed for a criminal charge. Pill . Disagreeable person. Pip . Attractive person. Pitching woo, making whoopee . Making love. Platter . A record. Plenty rugged . Big and strong. Pachuco . Young Mexican living in the US. Ring-a-ding-ding . A good time at a party. Rot gut, bathtub gin . Prohibition alcohol usually made in back rooms and of low quality. Sawbuck . $10 bill. Scat singer . A vocalist who improvises lyrics, substituting nonsense syllables for words. Scrub . Poor student. Shake a leg . Hurry up. Skin tickler . A drummer. Slugburger . Adding day-old bread to ground beef.. Slip me five . Shake my hand. Smooth . Well dressed without qualification. Snipe . Cigarette. Sourdough . Conterfeit money. Speakeasy . Bar disguised as something else or hidden behind an unmarked door. Squat . Nothing. Stool pigeon, snitch . Someone who informs to the police. Suds, salad, dough, moolah, rhino, bacon (as in bring home the bacon), bread . Money. Take a powder, blow, split, scram, drift . Leave. Taking the rap, taking the fall . Taking responsibility for someone else's crime or crimes. The high hat . A response in which one excludes another with irreverence and intent to offend. The kiss off . The final goodbye as in exile or death. Tin . Small change. Tin can, flivver . A car. Tin ear, Ickie . Someone who did not like popular music. Togged to the bricks . Dressed up. Trip for biscuits . A task that yields nothing. Twit . Fool or Idiot. Whacky . Crazy. What's your story, morning glory? . What do you mean by that?. Wheat . Person unused to city ways. Yo! . Yes. You and me both . I agree. "You shred it, wheat" . You said it .

What are some slang words from 1944?

I have a book called "Dewdroppers, Waldos and Slackers" that has a chapter on the 40's. Here is a few: Foods . albatrosse is a chicken . armored cow is canned milk . black strap is coffee . grass is salad . punk is bread . sewer trout is any white fish . tiger beef is meat loaf Love . behavior report is a GI letter to his girl . blind flying is a date with someone you don't know . delayed action bomb is a young woman who is always late . skirt patrol is looking for girls . snore sack is a sleeping bag . sugar report is a letter from a girl a fellow left at home POW's . brew is anything to drink . glop is a mixture of food . goon is a German guard . goon up is to watch out for guards . in the bag is captured . project is a escape plan . snoop tour is a guard's rounds . tobacco is a code word for news Home Front . blue points is a type of rationing coupon . bomb boogie is a type of jitterbug . canary is a gas mask . gas hog is someone who went around the gas rationing rules . liberty ship is a cargo ship Clothing . do-rag is a scarf around the head . popover dress is a wraparound . playsuit is a one piece short set with a wraparound skirt . vingle is a haircut for victory . zoot suit is a suit for men

What are some of the slang words for ouchies?

"Ouchies" is a slang word. The proper word is either a wound, a bruise, or an injury. Another childish slang term similar to "ouchie" would be "boo-boo."

What are some slang words of the1960's?

When we read The Outsiders which is in the 60's some of the words were: Movie house (movie theater), loner (like to be by yourself), dig it (like it), rumble (fight), cooler (jail), heater (gun), fuzz (cops), and icebox (fridge). By the way The Outsiders was grouse!

What are some slang words starting with h?

· hairy (dangerous) · hang it up (quit) · hang loose (relax) · hang tough (stick with it) · have good vibes (feel good about) · hip shooter (talks without thinking) · hole up (hide) · honcho (boss)

What are some slang words starting with k?

· kabash (stopped, finished, bring to an end) · keep one's cool (remain calm) · kegger (beer party) · knockout (stunning person) · knuckle sandwich (punch in the mouth)

What are some slang words for jail?

Western movies in the late 40s often referred to the jail as the "hoosegow," and "calaboose." Gangster movies sometimes use the words "slammer," or "clink." "Behind bars," "the lock up," "put you in a cell," "take you downtown," and sometimes facetiously "grand hotel or cozy motel" are other common expressions.

What are some slang words for sports?

Volleyball: bump the ball and it goes off the court- Shank Basketball: shoot the ball and it doesn't even hit the rim- Airball Softball: Hit the ball over the fence- home run

What are some slang words for tobacco?

snuff, dip, smokes, stogies, death sticks, cope, chew, chaw, cigs, there are a million of them

What are some slang words for heroine?

"Heroine" is the female version of the word "hero" - there aren't any slang words that I know of. Perhaps you are referring to the illegal drug, heroin ? Here's the link to that question.

What are some slang words for interesting?

There are many slang terms which mean interesting. If something is fun, it could be cool or rad or beast. Older slang would be the cat's meow or the bee's knees. You might also hear someone say "That was a kicker." An unusual slang term would be a "driveway story." This means something that you might hear on the radio which would be so interesting that you would have parked your car and sat in the driveway until you heard the ending.

What are some slang words for intoxication?

Buzzing (can refer to drugs) Drunk High (usually used for drug or inhalant intoxication rather than alcohol) Messed up (including a less than family friendly version of this term) Out of it Stoned (marijuana high) Tripping (mostly said of drugs, can also refer to emotional outbursts) Wasted

What are some 80s slang words?

Some 80s slang words are: "Phyche!" as in to pretend something is the case when it is not. "Oh Snap!," which is used when someone came up with a good insult. I also believe Yo Mama jokes started in the 80s. An example mightbe: "Yo Mama is so......" which might prompt a third person to say "OhSnap! Allowing the insulter to say "Phyche, just messing with you"

What are some slang word for police?

cops coppers pigs (derogatory) the fuzz the boys in blue Smokey the heat New York City Police are referred to as New York's Finest.

What are some of the slang words in the outsiders?

weed= cigarette soused= drunk broad= a girl tuff= cool or popular in style beef= in a fight, disagreement, or misunderstanding heater= a gun hacked off= mad or angry fuzz= police hood= a person who gets in to trouble often loot= money dreamy= attractive greaser= a poor kid who lives on the west side of town and wears grease in their hair soc= (short for social) a snotty rich kid from the east side of town.

What are some teen slang words?

Well, I have an older brother who is a sophmore in high school and he used word like: homie, braa, ight, peace man, and things like that:) I hope this helps:)

What are some common regional slang words?

i know that chola is a slang word used alot in texas. it means a ganster chick that usually wears baggy jeans, plaid shirts, big earrings, and gets her eyebrows tattooed on. they're always ready for a fight