What are some snacks that begin with the letter R?

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  • Raisins
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What are some words that begin with the letter R?

Some words that begin with the letter R : . Rabbi . Rabbit . Rabid . Race . Racial . Racket . Racquetball . Radiant . Radiate . Radio . Raffle . Raft . Rage . Rag . Ragged . Rail . Rain . Rainy . Raisin . Rake . Rally . Ramble . Rambunctious . Ramp . Rampant . Ran . Rando (MORE)

What are some candies that begin with the letter R?

The first one that comes to mind is Raisonets. This candy is made by Nestle who describe it as "plump juicy California raisins tucked in rich creamy Nestlé Classic Milk Chocolate." I don't think I've ever seen anyone eat them outside of a movie theater, but Nestle's says that they're not just for (MORE)

What are some jobs that begin with the letter R?

Some jobs beginning with the letter R are: . Rabbi . Race Car Driver . Race track cashier . Racetrack timer . Racquetball player . Radar Controller . Radar Engineer . Radiation oncologist . Radiation therapy technologist . Radiologist . Radio Announcer . Radio Broadcaster . Radio DJ (MORE)

What are some adverbs that begin with the letter R?

radiantly ramblingly rambunctiously randomly rapidly rarely rashly rationally readily realistically really reasonably reassuringly rebelliously recently receptively recklessly reclusively redundantly reflectively refreshingly regardless regretfully regul (MORE)

What are some snacks that begin with the letter H?

Haystacks are a fun snack that starts with the letter "H" . I don't have the exact recipe but they have chow mein noodles, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips and peanuts. Another great "H" snack is honeydew melon. Hope this helps!!

What are some verbs that begin with the letter R?

Some verbs beginning with R: · race · radiate · rain · raise ran · rank · rate · reach · read · realign · realize · reason · receive · recognize · recommend · reconcile · record · recruit · reduce · (MORE)

What are some beverages that begin with the letter R?

Non-Alcoholic Beverages: . Ramblin' Root beer . Raspberry coke . Raspberry kool-aid . Raspberry punch . RC cola . Real Gold (energy drink from Coca Cola) . Red Bull (energy drink) . Red Flash soft drink . Red lemonade . Red Lion soft drink . Red wine . Refresco goya . Refresh Tea . (MORE)

What are some foods that begin with the letter R?

raducchio . rabbit . rack of lamb . raclette . radiatore . radicchio . radishes . Raga sauce . Ragout . Ragu . ragu Bolognese . rainbow runner . rainbow trout . raisin bran cereal . raisin bread . raisins . raita . rakkyo . rakyo . ramekin . ramen . Ramon (an Asian dish) . ranc (MORE)

What are some countries that begin with the letter R?

In alphabetical order, the countries that start with the letter Rare: . Republic of Korea . Republic of the Congo . Republic of Djibouti . Reunion (France) . Romania . Russia . Rwanda Rwanda Romania Russia Reunion

What are some plants that begin with the letter R?

Plants that begin with the letter R: . Ranunculus . Raoulia . Raspberry . Ratstail cactus . Redcurrant . Red-hot poker . Rhododendron . Rhubarb . Rodgersia . Roses . Rosemary plant . Rowan . Rubber plant roses

What are some insects that begin with the letter R?

roach . rhinoceros beetle . red admiral butterfly . red damselfly . redcurrant fire-fly . red spider mite . red-tailed bumblebee . rhododendron leafhopper . rice weevil . ringlet butterfly . root weevil . rose chafer . rosemary beetle . rove beetle

What are some clebrities that begin with the letter R?

celebrities first name R:. Ringo Star . Robert Wagner . Robert De Niro . Robert Conrad (deceased actor, TV series "Cannon") . Ronnie Lott . Richard Chamberlin . Randy (one of the American Idol judges, can't think of his last name) . Randy Quaid . Rianna . Roseanne Barr . Rosyln (sp?) Cart (MORE)

What are some beers that begin with the letter R?

-R- . Rabbid Rabbit Saison United States This Belgian style farmhouse ale is light in color and available during the Easter season. It is brewed with many unique flav ... More Info. . Rainbow Red Ale Ale-Red United States Rainbow Red Ale is amber colored with fruity tones and just a (MORE)

What are some bands that begin with the letter R?

Bands - R: . The Rolling Stones . Rush . The Ramones . The Romantics . The Replacements . The Rascals . The Rondelles . Red Hot Chili Peppers . The Runaways . Restless Heart . Ricochet . The Ranch . Run DMC . Ratatat

What are some birds that begin with the letter R?

Birds beginning with R: . Rail . Rainbow lorikeet . Rainforest lorikeet . Raven . Razorbill . Redbilled oxpecker . Redbird . Red crest . Red hooded duck . Red kite . Redpoll . Redshank . Redstart . Red-tailed hawk . Redwing . Reedbunting . Reedwarbler . Rhea . Rhodes (MORE)

What are some books that begin with the letter R?

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry - Mildred D. Taylor . Rabbit, Run - John Updike . Revolutionary Road - Richard Yates . The Recognitions - William Gaddis . Ragtime - E.L. Doctorow . Red Harvest - Dashiell Hammett *From Time Magazine's list - The Greatest 100 Novels Of All Time Also there are Rainb (MORE)

What are snacks that begin with the letter I?

Snacks that begin with the letter I: ice cream ice cream cone ice cream sundae ice cream soda ice cream sandwich ice cream cake ice cream bar iced cake iced cupcakes iced cookies iced doughnuts iced brownies iced turnovers iceberg lettuce (?)

What are snacks that begin with the letter j?

Snacks that begin with J: Jam on toast jelly with peanut butter jelly beans ju ju bees jacks (cracker) jacks (apple) jambalaya (leftover) junior mints jasmine tea jelly doughnut jam tart juice smoothie jum jills (and very good they are)

What are some fruits that begin with the letter R?

Some fruits beginning with R are: raisins rambutan rangpur raspberry red bayberry red currant red currant red grapes red mombin red mulberry red pears rhubarb riberry ridged gourd rimu rockmelon rollinia rose apple rose hip rose myrtle rose-hip rose-leaf bramble rosella rowanberry

What is an snack that begins with a?

Snacks starting with A: apple almonds apricot avocado antipasto Alpha-bits (right out of the box) American cheese slice Armenian string cheese Angel cake Anise cookies

What are some adjctives that begin with the letter r?

· rabid · racial · radiant · ragged · rainy · rambunctious · rampant · rapid · rare · rash · raspy · ratty · ravishing · raw · ready · real · realistic · reasonable · rebel  (MORE)

What are some snacks that start with the letter U?

I just found this one and am out to get it for my daughter's kindergarten class...easy easy to boot! Pudding in snack cups (they suggested vanilla flavor, could even layer or be creative on this...), topped with crushed graham crackers, then topped with a paper umbrella -- underneath the umbrella is (MORE)

What are some wines that begin with the letter R?

· Ravenswood (Constellation Brands) · Red Diamond (Ste Michelle Wine Estates) · Redwood Creek (E&J Gallo) · Reynolds (Trinchero Family Estates) · Robert Mondavi (Constellation Brands) · Rochioli (Terlato Wines International) · Rosenblum (Diageo Chateaux & Estates) (MORE)

What are some snacks that begin with the letter S?

Snacks that start with the letter s: . sandwich . smoothie . Snickers candy bar . strawberries Strawberries, star fruit, saltines, sliced squash , sweet potatochips, salami and sourdough mini sandwiches, sugar cookies,Skittles, Smarties, Snickers and Skittles

What are some cities that begins with letter R?

RABAT Morocco Rach Gia Vietnam Radom Poland Rae Bareli India Rahimyar Khan Pakistan Raichur India Raiganj India Raipur India Rajahmundry India Rajai shahr Iran Rajapalaiyam India Rajkot India Rajnandgaon India Rajshahi Bangladesh Raleigh United States Ramadi Iraq Rama (MORE)