What are the Gandhi seven deadly sins?

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  • Politics without principle.
  • Commerce without morality.
  • Science without humanity.
  • Knowledge without character.
  • Wealth without work.
  • Pleasure without conscience.
  • Worship without sacrifice.
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What are the original seven deadly sins?

1. Lust - Sexual Actions 2. Greed - Want of Everything, Whether YouCan Have It Or Not 3. Sloth - Lazy Actions 4. Wrath - Anger 5. Pride - Over Excitedand Happy for Yourself 6.

What is the order of the seven deadly sins?

The Seven Deadly Sins . Lust . Gluttony . Greed . Sloth . Wrath . Envy . Pride . Note that these sins do not have an origin in the bible. Although they are all con

Where did the Seven Deadly Sins originate?

A: Tertullion mentions seven deadly sins in Against Marcion , but these are idolatry, blasphemy, murder, adultery, fornication, false-witness, and fraud. The seven deadly si

How did the seven deadly sins come about?

In my opinion, I believe it's called, "being human". We have the forces of good and evil working amongst us all. We have choices to make, thoughts and feelings to keep in pers

What are the consequences of the seven deadly sins?

According to Catholicism, they are the seven deadly sins of the worst type that receive upon judgment by God in the most critique fashion. Often, the belief goes that Hell is

What are the punishments for the seven deadly sins?

The Seven Deadly Sins are just a Catechical Formulation tocategorize sins. All sins are divided into mortal (serious) andvenial (less serious). The punishment for all sin is s

What are the opposites of the seven deadly sins?

Sloth - Action/Diligence Pride - Humility Gluttony - Moderation/Self-restraint Greed - Charity/Sharing Wrath- Peace/Friendship Envy - Content Lust - Purity/Abstine

Why are the seven deadly sins deadly?

Catholic Answer The seven deadly sins are the opposite of the seven virtues: Pride / Humility Greed / Liberality Lust / Chastity Anger / Meekness Gluttony / Temper

What are the consequences for the seven deadly sins?

Sloth= thrown into a pit of snakes Vanity= broken on the wheel Envy= put in freezing water from head to toe Greed=boiled alive in oils Wrath= dismembered alive Lust= smothered

How did the seven deadly sins become sins?

The "seven deadly sins" have been considered sins since the time God gave his law to the Jewish people. They are the primary reasons we fall into countless other sins, such as

When did the seven deadly sins change'?

They started in the 4th century when the monk Evagrius Ponticus made a list of eight evil thoughts. They were slightly altered by Pope Gregory I in 590 AD into what we have no